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Week Commencing November 7th 1982

Sheila Grant warns Damon to stay out of trouble in future while Paul Collins has an appointment at the Employment Office. Lucy is having problems settling in at her new school and after speaking to the headmaster about her course options, she is unimpressed by what the school has to offer.

Later that day Paul is annoyed when Annabelle informs him that the toilet won't be replaced until the end of the week, and Lucy complains about having no central heating and even suggests selling the car to pay for her to go back to a private school. Paul feels humiliated when Lucy blames him for being out of work.

When Barry Grant comes home from work he calls in at the Collins house to see if they have had the plumbing fixed, although when Barry tells Sheila about his visit, she believes he only called in on the off chance of seeing their daughter Lucy.

Bobby isn't too happy, and explains that his employers want the workforce to take a cut in their wages or the factory will close down.


Later that week, on his way home from school with his mates, Damon has his own key cut for the front door so they can go to his house without Sheila knowing. After bringing Lucy home from school Annabelle confides in Paul that she believes Lucy is still having problems there. Looking out of their window, both are puzzled as to why the new people at No 10 have a collection of cookers on their front lawn.


Annabelle is relieved when the plumber arrives to fit a new toilet, although Paul would rather she had not paid extra to get the work done early.

Barry arranges to do some private building work on the side while Roger tries his hand at assembling some furniture. When Bobby returns home from work he has some worrying news, the workers at the factory are definitely going on strike.

































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