Actor Profile Vince Earl (Ron Dixon)

Personal (Home Life)

Vince is 56 years old and was born on 11th June 1944. He is five foot eight inches tall and grew up in Birkenhead, Liverpool with his mum dad and two brothers. He is the one in the middle and apparently good looking. Vince has been married for 28 years to his wife Irene and has 4 children.

School Life

During his school days his reports were mostly quite good putting him forward for straight a grades. However when he took his 11 plus exams his mum believed he was cheated and should have gone to a grammar school.


When he was 10 years old Vince got his first job working for a greengrocers in Birkenhead, after school and on Saturdays. Then at eleven years old he started his showbiz career, starting out as a singer. He believes if you have several talents why conceal them.

Ron and MaxIn the early sixties Vince played in a skiffle band which appeared in the same way as the beatles. Later he found national fame as a comedian appearing in the following television programmes: The Comedians, The Video Entertainers, Starburst and The Jimmy Cricket Special. However VInce is best known for his acting career in the soap Brookside, which he joined in 1990 as Ron Dixon. Romance He shared his first kiss with Nora O Hage at the tender age of 8, he kissed her and thought she was pregnant.


The qualities he admires most about himself is fairness. Although sometimes his wife Irene say's he's too fair for his own good. The most annoying habit he hates in people is bad manners as he feels there is no need for them. Also if he could change something about himself it would have to be his height, as he would like to be at least six foot tall.

If he could be a cartoon character it would be Homer Simpson. His favourite TV programmes are Soccer, Golf, Rugby and Horse Racing. he also loves comedies and watches Rising Damp and Friends.

Vince hasn't really got any hidden talents but he can sing a song, strum a guitar and probably play the drums. His favourite record is anything by Barry Manilow. Also he would like to play Mike Baldwin in another soap, as he always gets things done and he's a winner.

His ambitions are to make a record, as it is something he would love to do and has been thinking about for quite a while.

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