Mandy, Beth and RachelIn February 1993 Mandy Jordache and her two daughters Beth and Rachel moved into a safe house, No 10 Brookside Close to start a new life away from violent husband Trevor Jordache.

Soon after moving in Beth kept having nightmares about her dad where she woke up screaming in the night causing the neighbours to complain, but once settled in the nightmares stopped for a while and Beth was able to sleep through the night again.

Beth enrolled at the local college, Rachel started at her new school BrooksideComprehensive and Mandy made friends with neighbours Jean Crosbie and Patricia Farnham.

However one day when Mandy over slept Beth decided to make her breakfast in bed but somehow the coffee got spilt and Mandy's legs were scalded. Beth shouted for Rachel who was on her way to school at the time, to come back but she brought Jean Crosbie who used to be a nurse, back to the house to help. Jean was concerned about Mandy's previous scars, causing Mandy to make something up about another accident and although Jean didn't believe her she excepted what she said.

Previously Mandy had told Jean that her husband was dead but just as they thought Trevor was out of their lives for good Mrs Shackleton called round with news that Trevor had been released from prison on parol, and it wasn't long before he tracked them down with the help of Bing Crosbie.

Trevor in the rainAt first Trevor called round to the house to see Mandy but she refused to let him in despite his sweet talking, then he turned up at the college to see Beth. In an attempt to prove to Mandy how he'd changed he sent her bunches of flowers, a single red rose and arrived at the house for Rachel's birthday tea. Rachel was delighted but Beth couldn't believe he was actually in the house and threw him out into the rain, but Mandy took pity on him and allowed Trevor to come back in.

TrevorGradually Mandy was starting to believe Trevor had changed and went to visit him in his bedsit, he had told her that his bedsit had been broken into and his watch stolen, so Mandy suggested he stayed with her for a couple of nights. Beth was horrified that Mandy was going to let him stay, so after a date with Mike Dixon she spent several nights next door on the couch.

Later Trevor discovers the neighbours have been talking about him, and in anattempt to scare Mandy he crept into bed with her and grabbed her by the throat threatened to kill her, Rachel, Beth and himself if she ever told the neighbours about him. When the day of their 20th wedding anniversary arrived Trevor decided to invite the neighbours to celebrate, forcing Mandy to entertain the guests but when only the Crosbie's turned up he waied for them to leave then blamed Mandy for the way the evening turned out and for talking to the neighbours about him, Trevor started punching Mandy until she was left in a crumpled heap on the floor.

Trevor and MandyA week later when Beth decided to return home she discovered Mandy in pain as she tried to get dressed, Trevor had been beating her again, but with no sign of her dad Beth rushed upstairs to Rachel's room only to discover her worst nightmare had come true, her dad was asleep in bed with Rachel. Although Rachel denied anything happened with her dad, Beth and Mandy know the truth as Trevor had abused Beth also when she was younger,Rachel loved he father and refused to admit what he'd done to her.

Trevor started drinking heavily making life unbearable for the family so when Beth was alone in the house with her dad one day she attempted to phone the police but he prevented her by smashing the phone into little pieces.

Trevor came home drinking again thinking that everyone was out to get him and went to lie down expecting Mandy to come and comfort him but Mandy was reluctant to join Trevor and instead stayed downstairs with Beth. Mandy could take the beatings but she couldn’t bear to continue letting him hurt her daughters, knowing that they would always have to live with Trevor's abuse, Beth and Mandy decided they had to make the decision to get Trevor out of their lives for good, as Beth said “ it’s either him or us ”.

A few days passed and with Rachel out of the way staying at a friends house, Beth decided to mix Trevor's whisky with the weed killer Sinbad brought round hopping to slowly poison him. Trevor started coughing as he drank the whisky and went out complaining of stomach pains. It was getting dark and Mandy was worried when he didn’t return so decided to go out and look for him, but just as she got hold of the door handle Trevor staggered through the doorway. The weedkiller wasn't working and although weak while lying on the sofa he grabbed for Mandy's throat in an attempt to strangle her. Beth suggested making Trevor some warm milk to settle his stomach while he went to lie down in the extension.

Their second plan was to mix his milk with aspirin but as only three tablets were left Beth went out to get some more from the trading post. Back at the house they turned the music up on the radio so Trevor couldn’t hear them grinding up the tablets, but Trevor crept up on them and caught them in the act, knowing full well what they were up to he shouted “ you bloody pair of bitches ”.

Beth reacted by saying “ someone should have done it years ago ”. Trevor went mad and started hitting Beth again, again and again, Beth was blacking out then suddenly he stopped and fell to the floor beside her Mandy had stabbed him in the back to stop him hurting Beth anymore. Mandy dropped the knife in shock and walked away from the body.




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