Actor Profile - Steven Pinder

Steven Pinder was born on 30th March 1960 making him 39 years old, he's happily married and comes from a small family with just one younger sister. His sister name is Catherine who is 36 years old and works in agriculture.

Steven got his first job working in a cemetery when he was 15. This was a Saturday job filtering soil using a course sieve called a riddle. While working there Steven was known as the riddler.

Steve as Roy LambertPreviously in his career he played the part of Roy Lambert in Crossroads the owner of Kings Oak corner shop but when the program was axed he decided to make two series of the sitcom Foxy Lady. He has also appeared in the children's program C.A.T.S eyes and the Scotch and Wry comedy. When he left Brookside he took part in several theater roles playing Laurence in Abigails party and also appearing in a psychological thriller called Dead Certain where he worked alongside Jenny Seagrove. Steven found this latest production hard work but still quite good fun. He also played the part of a handsome prince in the Panto Goldilocks.

As far as romance is concerned Steven remembers his first kiss at the tender age of five. Where he found himself trying to kiss a girl who was much taller then him. However his ideal romantic date would have to be to have a meal in a resteurant surrounded by a view of the hills and a bay.

Steven's favorite film is The Graduate which he watched on TV when he was fourteen. He has always like the main character Benjamin Braddock mainly because he is a victim of circumstances. Also Dustin Hoffman. All in all Steven describes the film as being groovy. His favorite TV Program's include Documentaries, Sport and NYPD Blue.

If he could play another soap character it would have to be Harry Cross who used to be in Brookside. As he was such a great character always speaking his mind. However if Steven wasn't an actor he would probably like to be a professional beachcomber.


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