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SinbadQ Who is the longest serving Cast member in Brookside?

A Mickey Starke who has played Sinbad since 1984

Q Whatever happened to Nikki Shadwick’s boyfriend, the one who pretended to be Spanish but was really a local lad?

A Nikki and Santi were never actually together as a couple. They only pretended to go out with each other as a prank. He later left without another mention.

Q Is there a Brookside fan club?

A No but Merchandise is available from ........

Brookside Productions Ltd, Mersey Tv, Childwall, Abbey Road, Liverpool, L16 OJP.

Q What has Ex Brookie star Damon Grant been up to since leaving Brookside?

Damon GrantA Simon O’ Brien has appeared in several programmes since leaving Brookie such as move it, standing room only, young gifted and broke, and Fraggle rock. He also hosted The big Breakfast. He is at present concentrating on his job selling bikes as he is a keen cyclist and owns a bike shop and cafe in his home town Liverpool.

Niamh MusgroveQ Where does Barbara Drennan, the actress who plays Niamh Musgrove originally come from to get her accent?

A The actress was born in Northen Ireland but later moved to England as a young girl.

Q Has Jessie Shadwick appeared in Brookside before?

A The actress Margi Campi played a part in Brookside in 1988 as Betty Hunt. Betty courted Harry Cross for a while but was devastated when he turned down her marriage proposal.

Q Is it possible to visit the Brookside set?

A Although Brookside Close actually exits in the West Derby area of Liverpool the set is closed off to the public. Brookside Parade is a few miles away in Chidwall at the Mersey TV Studios which again is not open to the public.

Q Where can I write to the stars?

A You can write to your favourite character at the following address......

C/O Mersey TV, Campus Manor, Childwall Abbey Road, Liverpool, L16OJP. You are more likely to receive a reply if you include a stamped self addressed envelope.

If you have any questions about Brookside then e-mail us at .....

Brookside Soapbox and we will do our best to answer them .


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