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Book Reviews

20 years of brookside, the latest and possibly the last book about Brookside which celebrates its 20th birthday this year.
It differs from "Total Brookside" in several ways. It features summaries of Brookside episodes, which although shorter than those in previous books cover the main storylines of each year from 1982 until 2002.

As well as a few character/actor biographies it also features information on several members of the brookside production team.
There is also a wealth of behind-the-scenes info and pictures. Included in the year by year chapters there is information about the Brookside merchandise available that year. It also features a cast list which includes most of the characters that have appeared in Brookside since it began in 1982.

This book contains information not found in previous Brookside publications and would make a useful addition to any fan's collection of Brookside books.

Priced at £16.99 it can be bought online via the Official site or purchased from any large bookstore.



Total Brookside

The Total Brookside book includes a copy of the script from the first ever episode of the programme shown on CH4. Also an in-depth comprehensive monthly guide of events on the close from 1982 up until April 1998. There are several family trees featured in the book including the Sullivan family, Dixon’s and the Jordache's etc.

Short interviews with some of the cast members such as Lindsey Corkhill and Thomas Sweeny known as Sinbad, as well as how Brookside producers have coped with the press in the past after some of the controversial storylines shown on TV.

Also brief details of the characters that have lived in the house’s on the close and events that have happened in each house while that family was living there. And lastly there are chapters covering cast members who have now left Brookside and what they have stared in since, as well as a good guide to who’s who with pictures and reviews of the characters.

To get your copy you need £9.99 and an order placed with your local book shop such as WH Smith for the Ultimate Guide to the Ultimate soap.

A must for all Brookie fans.


Fanzine Review

Close To You

I was recently contacted by the editor of the above Fanzine to let me know about the existence of Close To You, and I am glad he did.

Since the very short run of the official " Brookside Magazine " I haven't come across anything else in print dedicated to our favourite soap so it was good to see someone taking the time and trouble to publish a Fanzine for Brookside.

Close to you is published by a Brookie fan for Brookie fans ( just like this website really :-) ) Issue 16 contained articles about the characters and the program and also featured a Virtual Letters page where subscribers can add their contributions as well as a profile on a Brookside fanatic.

This Fanzine, available since 1996 is printed approximately every three months, so to get the latest issue or to order back copies see the details below.


Video Reviews

Friday the Thirteenth

Jimmy and LindseyJackie and SheilaRufus and Jimmy

The Friday 13th video covers Lindsey’s decision over whether or not to marry Peter, and her eventful journey to the wedding.

After Lindsey’s shock announcement that she wasn't going to marry Peter, Jimmy sends Jackie of to the church while he talks to Lindsey. During their conversation Jimmy discovers a whole new side to Lindsey’s character he knew nothing about. Meanwhile Rufus sets of in pursuit of Jackie to discover the route to the church. After persuading Lindsey to go ahead with the wedding Jimmy is in for another shock when their wedding car finally arrives.

On the way to the wedding Jimmy and Lindsey are delayed in a bungled attempt by Rufus to ambush them. In the resulting mayhem look out for a comical scene which includes a guest appearance from a former Brookside character. As Rufus attempts to catch up with Jimmy and Lindsey they meet up with Sheila Grant who helps them escape to a temporary sanctuary at another wedding reception.

Meanwhile Peter fed up with waiting for Lindsey at the church, passes the time by getting reacquainted with an old friend.

Rufus finally discovers the whereabouts of Jimmy and Lindsey and is soon in hot pursuit. Lindsey leads him to a familiar place where she manages to contain the situation with explosive results. After a quick change of clothes they arrive at the church.


Brookside Double Take Video

Rothwell and CurtisSamantha and CurtisSyd and Sally

Brookside's latest video "Double Take" is certainly different from other Brookie videos. It takes a comical look behind the scenes of making a Brookside Video, with cast of both Brookside and Hollyoaks playing different people. Dean Sullivan plays the part of Jack Speed who in turn plays Jimmy, Louis Emmerick plays Curtis Doors ( Mick ), Claire Sweeney plays Bonney Wild ( Lindsey ), Michael Starke plays Rothwell St John James ( Sinbad ) and Sue Jenkins plays Samantha Lush ( Jackie ).

Hollyoak actors include Ben Hull playing Syd Watts and Terry Dwyer playing Sally Eves.

The plot is a bit difficult to follow at first but in the video Jack is given the chance to direct a Brookside video about Jimmy seeking revenge for the death of his brother. Samantha is very keen for Jackie to get much closer to Mick in this video but Jack is not so keen on the idea. Rothwell complains that his character Sinbad always seems to end up battered and bruised while Curtis (Mick) gets all the good parts.

Bonnie ( a very shy person ) is offered a chance to leave Brookside to play a part in a new Millennium Show, but when she seems reluctant her manager Rosko offers the part to Sally instead.

As the plot progresses Bonnie shows she has hidden talents as she belts out a raunchy song on stage while she thinks no one is watching. She is spotted though by Syd who she ends up singing a duet with.

Rothwell also sings while playing the guitar at a charity concert.

Also look out for short appearances by Jacqui, Katie, Nikki and Katrina

Video Clip ( As shown on TV )

Brookside Double Take is on sale from November 15th 1999 priced £15.99



DVD Reviews

This is the first MTV DVD which was released just one week after the final episode of Brookside. It concludes the storyline of Tim and Steves quest to get revenge on Terry for causing the deaths of Diane Murray and Emily O'Leary.

When Terry Gibson receives a leaflet in the post advertising Tim and Steve's new Limousine business, he hatches a plan to get them both to his hideout in a remote part of Wales.
He employs the services of a call girl and recommends she uses Tim and Steve's Limo service to bring her to his place.

At first neither Tim or Steve suspect anything, but are a little suspicious when they arrive at their destination, where Tanya has arranged to meet her client Bob. His house turns out to be a run down shack, but the girl still goes in, but promises to return with the fare afterwards.

Tim becomes impatient waiting for her, so goes inside himself to find her. He is horrified to be confronted by his worst enemy Terry Gibson.
Tim is forced at gunpoint to swallow a mixture of drugs, but both he and Tanya manage to escape with Steve's help.

Although pursued by Terry they manage to avoid capture, and stay the night in a disused Barn. The next morning they discover the area is enclosed by a high fence, so unable to escape that way, Tim and Steve return to Terry's hideaway where the car is still parked outside.

They soon find the road is blocked by a fallen tree, where Terry is waiting for them. He chases them back to his hideout, where they barricade themselves in. They have to leave in a hurry though, when Terry prepares to set fire to the place. There is a violent struggle outside, but help comes from an unexpected source and Terry is killed.

The DVD has several extra features, including a commentary of the main story by Tim and Steve, a photo gallery, the ten best Brookside moments and previews of two new DVD's to be released next year.

In my opinion The DVD is well worth buying, and would make a worthwhile addition to any fans's collection of Brookside Video's and books.

The Unfinished Business DVD is available to buy online and from some retail outlets, such as WH Smiths. Prices vary from £ 9.99 - £19.99


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