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*The Final Episode on Tuesday 4th November at 10:40pm*

Lindsey and BarryAfter being abducted on the close, Jimmy finds himself in Newcastle where he meets up with Lindsey and Barry Grant. They return to Brookside Close and after Barry has an encounter with Jack Michaelson he advises the residents how best to rid themselves of their nasty neighbour.

Also on Brookside this week, Ron and Jimmy resolve their differences and Barry Grant asks Jimmy for Lindsey's hand in marriage.



A Brief Look At Brookside W/C November 9th 2003

Unfinished Business the new Brookside DVD/Video.

Although there are no more episodes of Brookside, a new Brookside DVD/Video " Unfinished Business " will be on sale from November 10th 2003.

A full review of the DVD will appear on the review page soon.