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MickMick Johnson made his first appearance in Brookside in 1989 as a friend of Terry Sullivan, when he and Terry ( who was a taxi driver at the time ) had the job of delivering a coffin. Terry had his own cab and when he wanted to spend more time with his family asked Mick to be a partner in the running of the taxi.

Mick along with his two children Leo and Gemma later moved in with Harry Mick's familyCross, at first as a lodger, then when Harry moved out as Harry’s tenant. Mick was separated from his wife Josie, but she later asked if she could move in with him, having promised that she would stay for good this time. Mick’s first few months on the close proved quite eventful, first he was beaten up by a customer in his taxi, then later while off sick he caught a burglar trying to break into the bungalow.

Unfortunately he found himself facing an assault charge for using unnecessary force to restrain the burglar. Mick’s mate Terry gave him a good character reference in court and he was found not guilty of the charge against him.

Just when Mick thought things could only get better his interfering brother Ellis turned up to stay. Due to the disruption caused by Ellis Josie walked out on Mick having decided to go back to her boyfriend Tony. More trouble loomed when Harry Cross decided to sell the bungalow, for a while Mick thought he would be homeless, but he managed to get a mortgage and buy the bungalow himself.

Ellis was the cause of more trouble when he was caught driving Mick’s cab, which resulted in Mick losing his Hackney licence. To make up for this Ellis persuaded Mick to become a partner with him and buy the Pizza Parlour from Terry. The new venture appeared to be doing well at first but problems occurred when Mick and Ellis became the victims of a racist George Webb, who had recently taken over as proprietor of the petrol station. He pasted racist slogans across the Pizza Parlour window and even tried to petrol bomb Mick’s bungalow before being forced to leave the area by Barry Grant and Max Farnham who owned the petrol station..

Mick and MarianneMeanwhile Mick had become involved in a campaign to rebuild Manor Park Primary School where he met Marianne Dwyer from the Education Department. When Mick showed an interest in Marianne, Ellis muscled in and asked her out first. Marianne and Ellis got on well and planned to marry, but Marianne was also attracted to Mick and on her wedding day left Ellis at the alter having decided to run off with Mick instead.

Mick was finding it difficult keeping up his mortgage repayments, so Jimmy suggests he could burgle the bungalow and then claim on his insurance. Mick rejected the idea but his brother Ellis gave Jimmy the go ahead and although the burglary went according to plan, Mick is not insured so lost everything. This was the last straw for Mick, he handed the keys back to the building society and moved into the flat above the Pizza Parlour.

Mick’s relationship with Marianne was jeopardised when one of the managers ( Charles Weekes ) where she worked took an interest in her and although she rejected his advances Charles told Mick that he and Marianne were having an affair. At first Mick believed Charles but later Marianne convinced Mick there was no truth in what Charles had told him, and later Marianne succeeded in getting Charles dismissed from his job for sexual harassment.

Meanwhile Mick had agreed to coach a school football team and as a result decided to help out one of it’s players Garry Salter ,who’s father was in prison and who’s mother couldn’t cope. Mick had agreed let him stay with him in the flat so when Garry’s father Greg was released from prison, Garry managed to persuade Mick to give him a job at the Pizza Parlour.

Mick is arrestedGreg showed his gratitude by carrying out an armed robbery at the factory where Marianne worked, and framing Mick for it. Marianne had agreed to marry Mick but the wedding was brought to an abrupt halt when Mick was arrested for the robbery.

Faced with the prospect of looking after Mick’s kids Marianne considered a Job offer in Glasgow. Garry knew his father was responsible and couldn’t stand by and let Mick take the blame so told the police that Greg was the culprit. Mick was released but by this time Marianne had decided that life with him and the kid’s was not what she wanted so she took up the job in Glasgow instead. Garry stayed on though with Mick, but later died from a mystery virus that swept the area.

Jenny Swift was the next woman to take an interest in Mick but the feeling was far from mutual which resulted in Mick almost getting shot. ( see the Mick and Jenny storyline ).

After these events Mick moved in to No 5 Brookside Close with Sinbad as his lodger. Over the next few months Mick took an interest in bodybuilding, taking steroids to boost his chances of winning a local contest. Despite his best efforts he only got third place so took his frustration out on Leo and Sinbad. In the resulting argument Leo hit Mick over the head with the trophy, the blow brought Mick to his senses and made him realise what effect the steroids had on his temper, so making him decide to give up bodybuilding.

Mick and ElaineAfter recovering from his last female admirer Jenny, Mick started dating Elaine Davies who he met at a school parents evening. Their relationship developed rapidly and it was not long before he asked Elaine to marry him. Elaine agreed but said the wedding would have to wait until after her mother’s hip operation.

The day of the operation arrived but after further tests, the results were not as expected, the doctors told Gladys that she had terminal cancer. Although the doctors advised Gladys to have treatment for cancer in hospital she insisted that she should be allowed to return home to be with her family.

Gladys asked Mick and Elaine to bring their wedding forward so that she could enjoy the ceremony. The wedding went ahead and Gladys moved in with Mick and Elaine so they could look after her better, something Elaine’s sister Cassie was non to happy about.

At first Gladys spent most of her time going out and about with her friend Julia Brogan, determined to make the most of the time she had left, but as her condition deteriorated she was confined to the house.



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