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Who am I ?

Brookside Soapbox is the unofficial Brookside Site and is run by myself ( Alan ) .

I am a great fan of Brookside and decided to start my site in June 1998 after browsing the Internet and finding the only other site appeared to be the official one which hadn't been updated for a long time.

To start with I used a desk top publishing program to create my pages which were very basic, but in June 1999 I completely revamped the site and improved the graphics.


What's on Site ?

If you are looking for a brief guide to recent episodes then the Previously On Brookside pages will bring you up to date with a brief outline of episodes from May 1999 to November 2003, or for more detail check out the Brookside Guide and Episode Summaries sections.

The Brookside Facts section contains many interesting facts about this Liverpool soap.

Brookside Episodes

Most are available but not for download,  please e-mail me for details.

You can download Pics of your favourite character from the gallery pages and even send a postcard from the Virtual Postcard page.

If you would like to chat to other fans about Brookside, then  please join the Forum

There are links to many other TV soaps on our links page.


Contributions and Credits

Fans can contrbute Fan Fiction by e-mail which will normaly be included at the next update.


Thanks to Angela from across the pond in Dallas for supplying some banners and a background picture for the profile pages.


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