Brookside Guide.....Season Thirty Nine.....

by the "Brookside Expert "

[Episodes 1545-1581]

The episodes:

Episode 1545 (W 22-03-95 "Taking The ----") Written by Nick Saltrese - Ron wants to open up for business as usual despite the quarantine, but there is no electricity. The residents are required to give urine samples for analysis - but not everyone is keen, and Jimmy takes drastic measures.

Episode 1546 (F 24-03-95 "Pregnant") Written by Nick Saltrese - Ron plans to charge the residents inflated prices for provisions from the Moby, but Carl takes orders from the others and brings in all the food from outside the cordon. The test results are in - Jimmy has distemper, and Ron is pregnant. Emma throws a party to cheer everyone up, but most of the guests are too depressed. Jean refuses to go to hospital.

Episode 1547 (T 28-03-95 "Checkout Girl") Written by Valerie Windsor - Max insists on being with Thomas, and no-one can stop him. Jimmy arranges for Carl to make a "delivery" for him. Rachel decides to leave school when she is 16. Bev is sure she is pregnant, while Mandy finds it difficult to tell Sinbad that she is. Jean looks unlikely to survive another night.

Episode 1548 (W 29-03-95 "Things To Say") Written by Valerie Windsor - Mandy realises from the amount of post for Rachel that it's her 16th birthday. Ron reads a newspaper article linking the epidemic with his shop. Max finally hears from Barry. Patricia realises she is unprepared for her mother's death, and David feels that he must confess to his affair with Audrey before it is too late.......

Episode 1549 (F 31-03-95 "All Clear") Written by Valerie Windsor - Bev doesn't like the result from the pregnancy test Carl bought for her, so she asks him to get her a few more. Jimmy is surprised to discover Barry's plans from Max, and Emma realises she picked the wrong man. Sinbad asks Mandy to marry him, but David realises that things will never be the same again.

Episode 1550 (T 04-04-95 "Health") Written by Shaun Duggan - Patricia takes over the running of the florists'. Max discovers that Emma has resigned, and that Barry is one of the heroes of recent weeks, according to the press. There is another residents meeting, and Ron has an idea about how to establish who else is pregnant.

Episode 1551 (W 05-04-95 "Tiffs") Written by Shaun Duggan - Eddie wants to tell Rosie that she is pregnant, until he discovers how she would feel about it. David's plans to move to Hove are thwarted, but Ron offers him a spare room. Lee gets a Mohican haircut, Patricia has some ideas, and Rachel has a belated 16th birthday party - but it all ends in tears.

Episode 1552 (F 07-04-95 "Measuring Up") Written by Shaun Duggan - Rachel agrees to stay at Jean's until she can find a flat. Bev is irritated that David has to stay at Casa Bevron because Patricia has confiscated his car keys. Eventually, Jean decides to grab the bull by the horns - or somewhere more painful.

Episode 1553 (T 11-04-95 "Jumping The Gun") Written by Joe Ainsworth - Told of Rosie's pregnancy, Carl is amused and Lee is ashamed, while Eddie is concerned that she shouldn't take risks with her health. Ron and Bev have plans for the florists' - but so do Max and Patricia, who fabricate evidence that Barry has given them the go-ahead. Sinbad has a plan to encourage Rachel to come home.

Episode 1554 (W 12-04-95 "Eviction Notice") Written by Joe Ainsworth - It is the day of the funerals of Audrey and Garry, but David is more concerned about finding somewhere else to live. Ron is wondering what Patricia is going to sell in her new shop - but she is giving nothing away. Sinbad is busy decorating the Jordaches', but Mandy wonders if it is really worthwhile.

Episode 1555 (F 14-04-95 "Gift Box") Written by Joe Ainsworth - Eddie plans a rota for the housework so that Rosie can relax more, then finds out that she plans to carry on working. David tries to buy a "hip" poster for Rachel. The opening of the "Gift Box" goes well, although Ron isn't impressed, and Mandy has other things on her mind.

Episode 1556 (T 18-04-95 "Cut Price") Written by Barry Woodward - After a near-miss, Eddie decides to sell his motorbike. Carl opens one of Jimmy's packages and finds out that he has been delivering drugs. Ron encourages Bev to snoop around at the Farnhams' while she is cleaning - but they are already aware of the risk. Rachel refuses to see Mandy, but David agrees to try to talk her round.

Episode 1557 (W 19-04-95 "Speculate To Accumulate") Written by Barry Woodward - David considers buying Eddie's motorbike. Jacqui starts up aerobics classes at La Luz, with Katie as instructor, and attracts a good response, but Jimmy is not amused. The Farnhams' new shop is attracting far fewer customers than it did initially.

Episode 1558 (F 21-04-95 "Diversifying") Written by Barry Woodward - Eddie regrets selling his motorbike, and David is scared of riding it. So Jean and Rosie ensure that the status quo is restored. Ron clears out his loft, and Jacqui is only too willing to take a few things off his hands. Rachel considers becoming a mechanic, and decides to go back to school. Beth refuses to accept the solicitor's advice.

Episode 1559 (T 25-04-95 "Winning System") Written by Susan Pleat - Leo is still having difficulty coming to terms with Garry's death. David gives Jacqui and Katie a lift to the car boot sale, and finds himself doing more to help than he anticipated. Bev is suspicious of Jimmy's money-making activities, and Beth is concerned about what Rachel will say in court.

Episode 1560 (W 26-04-95 "Conscientious Objector") Written by Peter Cox - Jimmy has to explain away his stash of cash when Jackie finds it. David enlists support for a street party in celebration of V.E. Day, but not everybody is interested. Jacqui wants to ensure that Mike won't lie in court, but Beth won't let him do it anyway.

Episode 1561 (F 28-04-95 "Endeavour and Bravery") Written by Peter Cox - Mandy is sick of being talked about. David fails to convince Max to join the V.E. Day celebrations, but finds Jimmy is willing to help out. Ron sets out to prevent a car boot sale from being held on the parade, unaware that Jacqui is organising it.

Episode 1562 (T 02-05-95 "Natural Born Leader") Written by Peter Cox - It looks as if Rosie and Jackie are going to be joined by too many third "Andrews Sisters" for the V.E. Day celebration. Jacqui's car boot sale is a success. David rejects Carl's beer when he discovers it is German, but Jimmy is more than willing to drink it.

Episode 1563 (W 03-05-95 "The Good Old Days") Written by Nick Saltrese - Mick helps Sinbad to choose an engagement ring for Mandy, but will she agree to marry him? Ron's offer to charge 1945 prices to customers producing their original ration books seriously backfires on him. David wonders whether he should tell Patricia the truth about her grandfather being a miner instead of a major - but a guest at the celebration has all the answers.

Episode 1564 (F 05-05-95 "Breaking Point") Written by Nick Saltrese - A visitor to the Crosbies' is warmly welcomed by Rachel, but given a much more cautious reception by Mandy, then is thrown out by Sinbad. After being seen running a car boot sale, Jacqui is sacked from her job at the leisure centre. Jimmy makes Sinbad an offer, but it may be his own interests that he is thinking about.

Episode 1565 (M 08-05-95 "Malice Aforethought") Written by Nick Saltrese - The identity of the hate-mail writer is revealed, and Beth seeks retribution. The trial begins, and Sinbad is shocked by the anount of media attention, while Ron and Bev are cautioned for taking photographs inside the court building.

Episode 1566 (T 09-05-95 "Bad Smell") Written by Joe Ainsworth - The prosecution's case against Mandy and Beth is presented, with a doctor, a forensic scientist, the Cobans, Brenna and Rachel giving their evidence.

Episode 1567 (W 10-05-95 "Cumulative Abuse") Written by Joe Ainsworth - The case for Mandy and Beth's defence is presented, as Mandy takes the stand and Brenna, Rachel, David and Mick watch from the public gallery.

Episode 1568 (Th 11-05-95 "Tablets") Written by Joe Ainsworth - Sinbad and Beth give their evidence, as the Jordache trial continues. Meanwhile, Julia makes a nuisance of herself in the public gallery.

Episode 1569 (F 12-05-95 "Wickedness And Evil") Written by Barry Woodward - The prosecution, defence, and judge sum up the case of the Crown versus Jordache and Jordache. David comforts Mandy and Beth, but Rachel refuses even to see them.

Episode 1570 (T 16-05-95 "The Verdict") Written by Valerie Windsor - Mandy writes a letter to Rachel to explain her actions, but Rachel has already decided where she wants to go to live. After their deliberations, the jury arrive at a verdict.

Episode 1571 (W 17-05-95 "Celebrating") Written by Barry Woodward - David calls a residents meeting to discuss the outcome of the Jordache trial, but not everyone can be persuaded to attend. Jacqui takes her driving test, leaving Katie to look after another car boot sale in her absence. Then the police arrive.......

Episode 1572 (F 20-05-95 "No Trouble") Written by Barry Woodward - Leo is brought home from school after being ridiculed by other pupils, but help may be at hand. Katie and Jacqui both try desperately to find out from Mike if his boss has plans to visit La Luz again - not that either of them fancy him, of course.......

Episode 1573 (T 23-05-95 "Posters") Written by Joe Ainsworth - Carl tries to encourage Max to adopt his system for improving profits. Katie tells Jacqui she has had a date with Shaun. Mandy is concerned about how Beth is coping, and Sinbad is worried about them both. Max questions Patricia's involvement with the Jordache campaign.

Episode 1574 (W 24-05-95 "Professional Interest") Written by Joe Ainsworth - Max forces Carl to take action about the illegal beer. David tries to learn about information technology so that he can help Rachel to revise. Sinbad and Patricia are both concerned about the Crosbies' plans, and Rosie is one player short for her darts team.......but there is a willing substitute close at hand.

Episode 1575 (F 27-05-95 "Best Eaten Pink") Written by Joe Ainsworth - Carl's beer supplier informs him that, no matter what he says, deliveries ARE going to continue. Eddie and Rosie celebrate a birthday at Max's restaurant and at home. A poster in Mike's window annoys Ron. Jacqui is jealous of Katie. Jenny makes her intentions obvious.

Episode 1576 (T 30-05-95 "Set Up") Written by Roy Boulter - Max is left holding the beer, and insists that Carl gets rid of it. Jean visits Mandy and Beth, but who will become the most upset? Mick is receiving silent phonecalls, while Rosie is match-making.

Episode 1577 (W 31-05-95 "Women Only") Written by Maurice Bessman - Patricia and Jean seek support for their candlelit vigil, but Ron is only willing to sell them the candles. Max and Carl encounter unexpected problems in the form of Les when they try to return the beer. Jenny offers to give Leo extra tuition, and won't take no for an answer.

Episode 1578 (F 03-06-95 "Warfare") Written by Maurice Bessman - Mo gets caught in the middle of the Donnellys' revenge on Carl, and is locked in the cellar. Sinbad and Jean go fly-posting, and get a severe telling-off from the police. Katie realises that Jacqui is still keen on Shaun too.

Episode 1579 (T 06-06-95 "Second Best") Written by Julie Rutterford - Carl seeks Jimmy's advice on the Donnelly situation, and his solution is to introduce them to "Barry Grant"....... Jackie is keen to take part in a television debate about violence, although Patricia has other ideas. Mick is avoiding Jenny, but she is spreading news that they may soon be getting married.

Episode 1580 (W 07-06-95 "Loud And Clear") Written by Nick Saltrese - The Donnellys take their revenge on "Barry". Patricia and Jean are due to speak out on "Loud And Clear", but there is still time for a last-minute substitution. As the programme is being shown on a satellite channel, interested parties need to appeal to either Bev or Rosie to be able to watch it.......

Episode 1581 (F 10-06-95 "Screwed Up") Written by Nick Saltrese - Despite Max's objections, Patricia refuses to give up her campaigning. Jimmy and Carl run into even more problems as they try to retrieve the stolen furniture and the dog-napped Cracker. Jenny enlists Rosie's help to prepare a celebration of her engagement to Mick, even though he has never had the slightest intention of proposing to her.

The cast:

Eddie Banks - PAUL BROUGHTON (1549-1558, 1560-1563, 1574-1576, 1579)
Rosie Banks (nee McGee) - SUSAN TWIST (1547, 1549-1558, 1560, 1562, 1563, 1571, 1572, 1574-1577, 1579-1581)
Carl Banks - STEPHEN DONALD (1545-1549, 1552, 1553, 1555, 1556, 1558, 1560-1562, 1571-1581)
Lee Banks - MATTHEW LEWNEY (1545, 1547, 1551, 1553-1555, 1557, 1562)
Jackie Corkhill (nee Walker) - SUE JENKINS (1546-1549, 1559, 1560, 1562, 1563, 1577, 1579-1581)
Jimmy Corkhill - DEAN SULLIVAN (1545-1549, 1552, 1553, 1555-1564, 1567, 1568, 1570-1572, 1579-1581)
David "Bing" Crosbie - JOHN BURGESS (1545-1567, 1569-1571, 1573, 1574, 1576, 1578-1580)
Jean Crosbie - MARCIA ASHTON (1545-1555, 1557, 1558, 1560, 1561, 1563, 1564, 1570-1574, 1576-1580)
Ron Dixon - VINCE EARL (1545-1565, 1571, 1575, 1577, 1578)
Jacqui Dixon - ALEXANDRA FLETCHER (1556-1562, 1564, 1571-1573, 1575, 1578, 1581)
Mike Dixon - PAUL BYATT (1556, 1559, 1560, 1571, 1572, 1575, 1577)
Max Farnham - STEVEN PINDER (1546-1558, 1561, 1571, 1574-1581)
Patricia Farnham (nee Crosbie) - GABRIELLE GLAISTER (1546-1559, 1561-1563, 1571-1575, 1577-1581)
Thomas Farnham - KIERAN WARHAM (1545-1547, 1553-1555)
Alice Farnham - ANNA NORBURY (1553)
Mick Johnson - LOUIS EMERICK (1545-1549, 1551, 1554-1557, 1559, 1560, 1563-1565, 1567, 1571-1581)
Gemma Johnson - NAOMI KAMANGA (1557, 1581)
Leo Johnson - LEEON SAWYER (1545, 1549, 1554-1557, 1559, 1562, 1572, 1577, 1578, 1580, 1581)
Mandy Jordache (nee Dutton) - SANDRA MAITLAND (1545-1558, 1560-1571, 1573, 1576)
Beth Jordache - ANNA FRIEL (1550, 1553, 1557-1562, 1564-1571, 1573, 1576)
Rachel Jordache - TIFFANY CHAPMAN (1547, 1548, 1551-1558, 1563, 1564, 1566-1568, 1570, 1571, 1574, 1576)
Bev McLoughlin - SARAH WHITE (1545-1550, 1552-1554, 1556, 1559, 1560, 1562, 1563, 1565, 1575-1577, 1580, 1581)
Josh McLoughlin (1545, 1550, 1575, 1579)
Katie Rogers - DIANE BURKE (1556, 1557, 1559, 1560, 1562, 1571-1573, 1575, 1578)
Sinbad (Thomas Sweeney) - MICHAEL STARKE (1545-1555, 1557-1566, 1568-1574, 1576-1579, 1581)

Sarah Banks - ANDREA MARSHALL (1574)
Julia Brogan (nee Roberts) - GLADYS AMBROSE (1549, 1563, 1567, 1568, 1573, 1574, 1576, 1579)
Detective Inspector Chris Coban - MARTIN RONAN (1566)
PC Ian Coban - ANTONY AUDENSHAW (1566)
Cracker, dog - KELLY MALONE (1545-1547, 1560, 1561, 1579-1581)
Brenna Jordache - GILLIAN HANNA (1564-1570)
Judge Lowes - TREVOR BOWEN (1565-1570)
John Maddox, TV Reporter - PETER SHARRATT (1565, 1570)
Mo McGee - TINA MALONE (1552, 1578)
Emma Piper - PAULA BELL (1545-1549)
Mrs Shackleton - MARIAN DIAMOND (1568)

Bernard Fairchild - COLIN MEREDITH (1565-1570) [Tanker Driver (743) / Head Waiter (1064) / Martin Glenister (14??) ]
Brian Halliwell - JOHN MIDDLETON (1565-1570) [ Mr Evans (769, 771) ]
Eileen Kilby - MARY CUNNINGHAM (1565-1570) [ Dorothy Tate (122, 144, 147, 148, 151, 158, 161) / Mrs "Ma" Johnson (610, 612, 613) ]
Dr Colin McAllie - WILL TACEY (1568) [ Bernard Nichols (288-290) ]
Dr Carol Pillington - JANE LANCASTER (1566) [ Hazel Kershaw (720, 721) ]
Eleanor Trench - ANNA WELCH (1565-1570) [ Mrs Edwards (677) ]
Doctor - KEITH LADD (1546) [ Estate Agent (844) ]
Jury Foreman - CLAUDE CLOSE (1565-1570) [ Mr Crabbe (982, 983) ]

Paul Anderson QC - PHILIP MADOC (1565-1570)
Shaun Brookes - RICHARD TRINDER (1571, 1572, 1575, 1578)
Dr Nick Cunningham - TONY VOGEL (1568)
Alison Dicks - LOUISA RIX (1558, 1564-1570)
Don Donnelly - GARY BLEASDALE (1575, 1576, 1578, 1580, 1581)
Lesley Donnelly - SYLVIA GATRIL (1577-1581)
James Payne MP - COLIN KERRIGAN (1580)
Dr Edmund Stevens - CHRIS BRAILSFORD (1566)
Jenny Swift - KATE BECKETT (1571-1581)
Nigel Tate QC - DENIS LILL (1565-1570)
Clerk Of The Court - JIM WHELAN (1565-1570)
Fireman - TONY TURNER (1581)


Ann, a waitress (1578)
Chantelle, a friend of Rachel (1551)
Ida, a friend of Julia (1563)
Jo, a barmaid (1556)
Kelly, a friend of Rachel (1551)
Ray, a box carrier (1554)
Ronnie, an abuser (1580)
Susanne, a friend of Rachel (1551)

Colin Meredith becomes the first actor to play a fourth different credited role - a record that not many others will ever match! - as court official Bernard, by far the most memorable of all his characters.

The four speaking jury members in the Jordache trial appear in all six of its episodes, but only have dialogue in the last one. Nice work if you can get it.......and the performers chosen for these roles are possibly being rewarded for their past good service, unless it is only a remarkable coincidence that they have ALL made previous appearances as other "Brookside" characters!

The storylines:

The mystery plague claims Audrey, rather than Jean, as a third victim; but when they are given the all-clear, the residents return to celebrate the anniversary of V.E. Day, and find that there is now an outbreak of pregnancy on the Close, affecting both Rosie and Mandy. When Mandy and Beth appear in court, however, they are both sent to prison for the murder of Trevor, and most - but not all - of the residents begin to campaign for their release. Meanwhile, both Katie and Jacqui are attracted to the same man - Mike's boss Shaun - while Leo's teacher Jenny is more than attracted to Mick, convincing herself and most of Mick's neighbours that he has asked her to marry him! In Barry's absence, Carl's efforts to run the club lead to conflict with Max, and major difficulties involving importers of illegal beer, the Donnellys. But will enlisting Jimmy's help to deal with them resolve the problems, or just make them a whole lot worse?

The dates:

It is the 29th in episode 1548; the Grand National is tomorrow in episode 1552; and, based on a poster seen in episode 1554, it is Good Friday in episode 1555. Based on dialogue in episode 1557, it is Friday in episode 1558; it is 50 years since the end of World War Two in episode 1559, and Tuesday, based on dialogue in episode 1558, when the anniversary of V.E. Day is coming up soon. Its 50th anniversary is "a week today" in episode 1560 / "next week" in episode 1561; the celebration takes place in episode 1563, and it was "yesterday" in episode 1564. Posters seen in episode 1561 state that the car boot sale, seen taking place in episode 1562, is on 2nd May. In episodes 1562 and 1563, the trial is to begin "next Monday"; and in episode 1564 it begins "on Monday" - so it is Monday in episode 1565, when it begins! It is 1995 in episode 1567, based on references to past events in that episode; it is Thursday in episode 1572; and, based on dialogue in episode 1574, it is Tuesday in episode 1576. It is the 1990s in episode 1578; and, based on the calendar in Lesley Donnelly's office, it is June in episode 1579.


Florence Nightingale (1547); Johnnie Ray, singer (1548); Deborah Carr, film actress (1548); "Scrooge" (1548); John Major (1550); Anita Roddick (1551); "The Last Of The Mohicans" (1551); Peter Stringfellow (1552); Al Capone (1553); "West Side Story" (1553); Richard Branson (1554); the Bay City Rollers (1555); David Essex (1555); David Cassidy (1555); Mickey Mouse (1555); "Tweedledee" and "Tweedledum" (1555); "Little Orphan Annie" (1555, 1574); the "Yorkshire Ripper" (1555); Kylie Minogue out of "Neighbours" (1558); Clampett (1558) / Ellie Mae (1571); the "Gladiators" (1559); Adolf (1575) / Hitler (1560, 1563); the Andrews Sisters (1560, 1562, 1563); Winston Churchill (1561, 1562, 1563); Phil Collins (1562); Jack the Ripper (1563); Bette Davis (1563); Freddie Starr (1563); Madonna (1564); Dr Crippens (1566); the Queen of Sheba (1566); Wayne Sleep (1572); "Miami Vice" (1572); Kenneth Clark (1573); "Nevada", rock group - according to Ron, who may mean "Nirvana" (1575); the Queen Mother (1575); Tom Cruise (1575); Fidel Castro (1575); Genghis Khan (1575); "[Prisoner] Cell Block H" / "The Freak" (1575, 1579 / 1579); the "Guildford Four" (1577); Jeremy Beadle (1577); "The 'A' Team" (1577); "Bobbitt" (1577); Philip Rossini, chef (1578); Princess Diana [silent phonecaller!] (1578); "The Golden Shot" (1579); Emily "Pancake" (1579); "Question Time" (1579, 1580); "Tarby" (1579); [Rod Hull's] Emu (1580); and Muhammed Ali (1580).


All of the action in this season is set in or near Liverpool - the furthest afield that any characters are seen is Preston (in episode 1559), and Widnes (in episodes 1576, 1577, 1579 and 1581).


None. However, Mandy learns that she is two months pregnant in episode 1546, for the first time in sixteen years (1549). Her baby is due in October (1549, 1551, 1568), and was conceived while she was in Dublin in February (1568). It emerges in episode 1550 that Rosie, who is "a couple of weeks the wrong side of 40" (1555), is pregnant too - she is seven weeks pregnant in episode 1554, and her baby is due in five months' time in episode 1579. It is Rachel's 16th birthday, on the 29th of the month, in episode 1548; she is still 16 in episodes 1550, 1552 and 1574; she is under 18 in episode 1557; and she will be 20 in five years' time in episode 1571. It is Eddie's 43rd birthday in episode 1575, and the seventh birthday of someone's unseen little brother Henry (not for the first time!) in episode 1577. Mandy is 39 (1546, 1548) / nearly 40 (1547), and was 18 twenty-two years ago in 1973 (1567). According to a newspaper, Bev is 24, Josh is 1, but Ron is "55" (1548). We are also told that Beth is 19 / will be 25 in five years' time (1548 / 1571); Rosie is 40 (1553); Trevor was 23 twenty-two years ago in 1973 (1567); and Katie is 19 (1575).


None. According to David, he has been married to Jean for 40 years, and faithful for 30 years (1548); while according to Jean, she has been married to David for 41 years (1550), and, according to Patricia, it's 40 years (1552). We are told that Trevor married Mandy 22 years ago in 1973, when she was 18 and he was 23 (1567); and Jackie's wedding anniversary is in December (1569).


One - Audrey Manners (nee Snodgrass) becomes the third victim of the plague, and the fiftieth "Brookside" character to die, in episode 1545. We are also told that the following unseen characters are no longer alive: Davey, a spark with a beard down at the club, who died yesterday of the plague (1547); the little old woman who lives behind the Banks', who was another plague victim (1548); David's father (1556, 1560, 1561), who died during the war when David was young (1556) / 12 (1561) in an accident down the mines, to which he was sent as a conscientious objector (1563); Rosie's mother (1560, 1563); Ron's mother (1560); fifteen men that Cyril poisoned when he was in the catering corps, according to Alfie (1563); and the tramp that ended up in Trevor's coffin (1567, 1569).

Toilet visits:

Cracker, into Jimmy's specimen bottle (1545); Bev (1547); Jackie (1548 and 1580); Jean (1551 and 1580); Lee (1551); Rachel (1554 and 1556); Mike (1556); Jacqui, allegedly (1559); Sinbad (1560); Beth (1565); Mandy (1565 and 1573); Carl (1574); Mick (1575); Leo (1577); and Shaun (1578). Sinbad is also "bursting" in episode 1545, in which all the residents are asked to give specimens; Ron is desperate for the toilet in episode 1547; and Jenny says she had to go to the loo in "La Luz" in episode 1574, but flaws in the rest of her story cast serious doubt even on this claim.......

Characters mentioned, so far unseen, but who will be appearing later:

Keith Fear, the Farnhams' bank manager (1573); and Jenny's father (1574).

Gone but not forgotten - seen previously and still mentioned occasionally, but not reappearing in this season:

Barry Grant / "Bazza" (1545, 1547, 1548, 1549, 1550, 1551, 1552, 1553, 1554, 1555, 1556, 1557, 1560, 1561, 1562, 1563, 1571, 1572, 1573, 1574, 1576, 1579, 1580, 1581 / 1578); Garry Salter (1545, 1550, 1553, 1554, 1555, 1556, 1557, 1559, 1560, 1571, 1572, 1578, 1580); Mrs Audrey Manners / Snodgrass (1545, 1548, 1549, 1550, 1551, 1552, 1554, 1560, 1573 / 1573); Fran (1547, 1549); Trevor Jordache (1547, 1548, 1562, 1564, 1565, 1566, 1567, 1568, 1569, 1570, 1571, 1578, 1580) / That Jordache Man (1557); Dr Houghton (1548); Renee / Doreen (1549 / 1562); Emma's father (1549); Mr George Manners (1550, 1551, 1553, 1554); Susannah (1550, 1552); DD (1552, 1575); Rebecca / Becca (1552 / 1562); Garry's mother (1556); Tony (1558, 1559); Cyril Dixon, Ron's father (1563 / 1558, 1559, 1560, 1561, 1564); Sinbad's mother (1561); Kathy, and her lad who did a runner from the Army (1562); Billy (1562, 1571); Lyn (1565); Kenny Maguire (1570, 1573); Leo's Aunty Lou (1572); Simon (1573); Marianne (1577, 1578); and Penny (1578, 1579).

And those that are also mentioned, but are destined to remain unseen forever:

Alan, a tall fella with glasses, who Jimmy sends Carl to meet at the end of Royal Street (1547); Johnny Simpson, an Australian who wanted Jean (1548); Richard Sims, a cult member (1548); Ted, David's friend in Hove, and Marjorie, his wife (1551); Gilbert in Cambridge, another friend of David (1552); Cheryl, barmaid at "La Luz" (1552); Jane, from Jean's past (1552); Nigel Beattie, a pencil-necked creep who gets the job of assistant manager of the leisure centre instead of Jacqui (1556); Smith, on trial in court number 5 (1565); the wife and "several" children of juror Brian Halliwell (1570); Shaun's father (1571, 1578); Christine from the leisure centre (1572); Tony Sykes, a client of Shaun (1572); Alan, brewery rep on the phone to Max (1574); someone's "little brother Henry", subject of a television dedication (1577); Clifford Graham, the usual presenter of "Loud And Clear" (1579, 1580), and the wife from whom he has split (1579).


According to Mandy towards the end of episode 1548, the newspaper article about Ron's shop is by "that Roache again" - but when seen earlier in that episode, read by Ron, the feature "Killer Bug Link With Local Shop" is written by "John Lindsey".

Jimmy uses the wrong acronym in episode 1550: "Get yourself over to Barry's house R S V P, all right?", and omits the word "getting" in episode 1580: "Me and Carl here'll get cracking on the furniture back.".


The Jordache trial takes place in court number 3 (1565, 1569, 1570). On its first day, the case of the Crown v Smith is taking place in court number 5 (1565), and hate-mail reading "I'LL BE IN COURT WATCHING YOU. YOU'RE GOING TO PRISON. ROT IN HELL!" arrives. The date of the alleged murder of Trevor was on or about 7th May 1993 (1565), and 12th May 1993 was five days after his death (1566). Rachel was 14 when he came to the Close (1566); it was May when he was found in bed with her (1569); and Beth was 7 years old when she first saw him hit Mandy, after a birthday party (1567). Mandy, who is right-handed (1564), pressed charges against Trevor in 1990 (1567, 1569), after he put her in hospital on 5th September 1990 (1568). Beth, whose christening was at St Agnes' church (1564), is sent to prison for five years (1570, 1571), and Mandy is given concurrent sentences of life and seven years (1570), of which she will serve a minimum of twelve years (1572). Eleanor, one of the jurors seen in jury room 1-3, is a smoker (1570). John Maddox reports on the verdict for "North West News" (1570), and the headline of the newspaper article about the case is "Court Jails 'Evil' Women" (1571).

David borrows from Lee a book "Work Out Computer Studies" in order to help Rachel revise (1574). He originally met Jean, who used to look like Deborah Carr, and liked the singer Johnnie Ray, at a New Year's Eve party in Bristol (1548). David (1579) and Jean (1580) both claim to watch "Question Time"; they visited a distillery in Inverness in 1993 (1546), and they play scrabble with Rachel, who scores 36 points with "zit", after David checks that it really is in the dictionary (1554). Patricia used to like the Bay City Rollers, David Essex and David Cassidy (1555); she did step-aerobics during both of her pregnancies (1557), and, like Max (1553), she is right-handed (1571). Mandy is the 232nd, and Sinbad the 233rd, customer of the "Gift Box" (1555); but, on a less successful day, the takings have only been £3.89 in seven hours (1557). In contrast, the takings on the previous night at "La Luz" have been £2,241.74 (1572).

Julia was in the audience of "The Golden Shot" once (1579), and was the first woman to wear slacks in the bobbin works where she used to be employed (1579). She claims that she was a teenager during the war, [which is only just consistent with the revelation of her age in episode 314, which would mean that she was born in 1920 or 1921!] and once courted a G.I. (1563). Jimmy is left-handed (1572), Mike is left-handed (1575), and Jacqui is right-handed (1557, 1560, 1578). The car in which she passes her driving test at her first attempt is marked "Manor Park School of Motoring", and shows the telephone number 269 3404 (1571). She and Katie, who reads "Marie-Claire" (1573), still have an "Oasis" poster on the back of the door of her flat (1560, 1573, 1575). Tony was 10 when he first had a computer (1558).

Garry's funeral is at St Teresa's (1551). Mick tells Leo, who learned to swim when he was 4 (1572), that he used to be scared of the dark when he was Leo's current age (1559). Mick (1551, 1573), Leo (1577) and Jenny (1571) are all right-handed, and go together to the swimming pool at the Everton Park Sports Centre (1572). Last year Jenny, who runs a photography club at school (1575), was the form teacher of Lee (1571), who was not an easy pregnancy for Rosie (1553). Rosie's darts team has a match at the "Leaden Paul" (?) pub in Doreen Street, near a biscuit factory (1574, 1576). Eddie does the "Guardian" crossword (1553). Carl obtains "Weissbrau" beer (1562, 1575) from the Donnellys, of "Donnelly's Transport Ltd, Vehicle Rental and Contact Hire", whose telephone number is 04925 119542 (1576, 1581), and whose safe is from "Withy Grove Stores" (1579). We see again the pizza parlour's telephone number, 051 269 2434 (1564, 1578) and the florists' number, 269 3626 (1556 partly, 1571, 1578), on Mick's van; and another taxi from Manor Car Line, bearing the number 269 6699, is seen in episode 1572.

"Blink-and-you-miss it" moments:

Posters of Mandy and Beth are seen at various points from episode 1575 onwards, but are never on-screen long enough to be fully read. Their full text is as follows:

Mandy and Beth Jordache Are Innocent! Victims of domestic violence should be helped, not punished. We need your support to change the law. Write to your local M.P. now and free the Jordache women. Sign our petition.

The end-of-season cliffhanger:

Jimmy continues his impression of Barry Grant by setting fire to various vehicles in the Donnellys' yard, as the sirens of a fire engine arriving can be heard. He and Carl climb onto a roof, and a fireman follows Carl, but trips. Carl pulls the fireman to safety, as Jimmy returns to where he has left Cracker, and picks her up. He looks around the yard, as it continues to blaze - but where is Carl?

Season Thirty Forty.......