Brookside Guide.....Season Thirty Four.....

by the "Brookside Expert "

[Episodes 1353-1400]

The episodes:
Episode 1353 (M 03-01-94 "Reasons For Staying") Written by Chris Curry - Beth is disappointed to discover from Sinbad that, while he was cleaning her windows, Keith got out of Margaret’s bed and opened the curtains. Simon decides that Terry is a soul in agony.  Bev decides on a name for her baby
- and Ron decides to leave DD to move in with them.
Episode 1354 (W 05-01-94 "Needed") Written by Chris Curry - Jacqui is shocked when Ron announces he is leaving, and reveals to DD that Josh could just as easily be Mike’s son. Mick and Carol embarrass Marianne by insisting on appealing to her boss for funding. With help from Katie and Caroline, Simon is determined to reach Terry.

Episode 1355 (F 07-01-94 "House Hunting") Written by Chris Curry - Mo brings her sister Rosie to look at the houses for sale in Brookside Close - but Katie and Sinbad are both keen to point out their shortcomings. Beth’s bad mood improves after she goes to see Margaret, while Mike and Ron
realise that DD is determined to find out which of them is Josh’s father.
Episode 1356 (M 10-01-94 'Over') Written by Shaun Duggan - After Simon spends a second night with Caroline, Katie decides to throw him out - but perhaps he can persuade her not to? Marianne is transferred to another office in Newport, so she will only be able to see Mick at weekends. Beth
considers quitting university, but Margaret offers to help her by typing up her work on Patricia's laptop computer.
Episode 1357 (W 12-01-94 "Best Friends") Written by Shaun Duggan - Beth and Margaret have a fun night out - but Margaret doesn’t want Beth to join her in bed afterwards. Simon is not impressed by Caroline’s failure to persuade Terry to move in with them. Tony’s doctor persuades Ron that there is no
prospect of him ever regaining consciousness.
Episode 1358 (F 14-01-94 "Pointless") Written by Shaun Duggan - Simon introduces Terry to his friends and to non-alcoholic lager, giving him something to think about. Ron is lost for words after a celebrity
demolishes Tony's pile of pennies, and feels that there is no hope for Tony. Beth and Margaret kiss.
Episode 1359 (M 17-01-94 "Abnormal") Written by Valerie Windsor - Margaret and Beth edge ever closer, and make important announcements to each other - but Margaret is still worried. Terry is accused of having a television and a poisoned mind. Barry discovers that some money has gone missing from the
till, and tells Jimmy to sack Mo.

Episode 1360 (W 19-01-94 "Goodbye") Written by Valerie Windsor -  Jimmy docks Mo’s wages, but Rosie makes him doubt he is acting legally. Carol starts to work at the pizza parlour, but then discovers that Garry has been arrested. Jacqui discovers that both Katie and Terry have been brainwashed by Simon and can’t think for themselves any more. Ron says goodbye to Tony, and resolves not to visit him again.
Episode 1361 (F 21-01-94 "Staying") Written by Barry Woodward - An unexpected arrival at the Farnhams' discovers Beth and Margaret frantically trying to put on each others' jeans. Mick takes Carol out to play on the swings in the park. Caroline's father wants to take her home, but Terry persuades him not to. Sinbad consider taking on the mortgage of number 10 so that Mandy and the girls can continue to live there.

Episode 1362 (M 24-01-94 "Worth A Try") Written by Peter Cox - Margaret is terrified that Beth will reveal their secret, as Beth prepares to consult a lesbian rights officer. The police arrive at the Rogers' house, but Katie reassures then that Caroline is not being held against her will.  Jimmy discovers that the envelope from which he had stolen some money was his own pay packet.
Episode 1363 (W 26-01-94 "Injustice") Written by Susan Pleat - Marianne believes that her bosses are trying to force her to resign. Sinbad refuses to accept that number ten is about to be sold, along with what is under the patio - but Eddie seems as keen as Rosie to buy it. Beth goes to a gay bar with Chris, her lecturer. An employee of Penny’s former company appeals to her for financial help.
Episode 1364 (F 28-01-94 "Addicted") Written by Shaun Duggan - Sinbad and Mandy go on a tour of local building societies, while Terry is drawn deeper into Simon's world. But is he willing to make the ultimate commitment? Margaret looks forward to an outing with Beth, but is shocked when she sees two men holding hands at the next table. Jimmy nearly steals from the pizza parlour, and David and Jean return home to find that Penny has sold some precious rings.
Episode 1365 (M 31-01-94 "Mission”) Written by Maurice Bessman - Terry begins a new life as he is baptised by Simon. Beth apologises for taking Margaret to a gay bar and telling Chris about her, and Mandy discovers that Rachel has been playing truant. Jimmy doesn’t realise that Jackie has asked
Sinbad to keep a close watch on his activities - until Barry discovers Sinbad peeking up into the toilet cubicle he is using. 

Episode 1366 (W 02-02-94 "Stitched") Written by Maurice Bessman - When he can’t be truthful with Barry, Terry starts to regret joining Simon’s group. When Jimmy doesn’t flush drugs down the toilet quickly enough, his head is going there instead.  Garry and Leo spar in the pizza parlour, and one of
them is injured. There is an unexpected caller at the Jordaches' - Roy, a former cell-mate of Trevor.

Episode 1367 (F 04-02-94 "Embarrassing Questions”) Written by Maurice Bessman - When Roy wants to see where Trevor is buried, Sinbad hopes Mandy won’t just give him a spade. Simon disposes of music tapes Katie had bought without realising they contained evil messages, and resists Lyn's attempts to evict him. Margaret feels out of place and mostly ignored at Chris’s party, and Rachel is horrified to discover who has got a job as a cleaner at her school.

Episode 1368 (M 07-02-94 "Strike") Written by Nick Saltrese - Mandy and Sinbad brace themselves for the grisly task they have been dreading for so long - they must move Trevor's body! Unfortunately, there is a squatter next door. Margaret plans to go ten-pin-bowling with Beth - but Chris joins them. Ron makes some enquiries on Lyn's behalf, but then receives some devastating news from DD.
Episode 1369 (W 09-02-94 "Windsurfing") Written by Nick Saltrese - David helps Penny to write a fictional CV including something believable as a spare-time interest, but her interview doesn’t go well when she is questioned in a foreign language she claims to speak fluently.  Mandy needs money to pay Roy off - but has none.  Until Sinbad leaves the Tony fund with her for safe keeping.....

Episode 1370 (F 11-02-94 "Left Out") Written by Nick Saltrese - Katie offers sympathy to Katie following Tony’s death, but Simon sees this as a betrayal.  When Roy returns and starts ransacking the house in search of more money, Mandy reaches for her kitchen knife again.  Margaret feels ignorant and uneducated, and considers going to college. Ron has one last big favour to ask of Jimmy - he wants him to be a coffin-bearer at Tony's funeral.......
Episode 1371 (M 14-02-94 "Going Nowhere") Written by Joe Ainsworth - On Valentine's Day, Leo tries to make Mick and Carol believe that they have sent each other Valentine's cards. Margaret has planned a meal for two at the Farnhams', but Beth receives a better offer. Extreme coldness and a chocolate-stained coat make Penny realise that carrying out market research on the streets is not the job for her, and there is frantic packing at the Jordaches'.
Episode 1372 (W 16-02-94 "I Can't") Written by Joe Ainsworth - Katie defies Simon by going to Tony’s funeral.  Margaret is delighted to see Derek again, despite the tragic circumstances. At Tony’s burial, Jimmy breaks down and confesses that he was the driver responsible for the deaths of Tony and Frank.
Episode 1373 (F 18-02-94 "Nightmares") Written by Joe Ainsworth - Jimmy goes on the run, as Ron tries to find him. Simon puts Terry to the test by instructing him to sleep with Katie. Chris tells Beth her lover has left her. Margaret offers to accompany Penny on her ordeal of a return visit to the Jobcentre. But Max and Patricia return to the Close, bringing some good news. 

Episode 1374 (M 21-02-94 "Sharing God’s Love") Written by Peter Cox - When DD finds Jimmy at Tony’s graveside, she brings him home to live temporarily with her and a shocked Mike and Jacqui. Penny and Margaret both try to improve their chances of being allowed to continue to live at the
Farnhams’. Terry wants to hand in his bible and leave, but Simon persuades him to reconsider.

Episode 1375 (W 23-02-94 "Playing Cupid") Written by Joe Ainsworth - As she prepares a dinner-party in the hope of reconciling Beth and Margaret, Patricia reveals to an surprised Max that their nanny and her next-door neighbour are lovers. Meanwhile, Simon makes another attempt to bring Terry and Katie together again, but he may be about to lose one of his disciples for good.  When Jean sees Jackie going to visit DD, she tells Ron.....
Episode 1376 (F 25-02-94 "Faith") Written by Joe Ainsworth - DD and David try to convince Simon that he has no right to continue to occupy Katie’s house without her, but Simon sends Terry to convince Katie to come back. Sinbad urgently needs to get a loan so that he can replace the missing Tony fund money. Barry tells Jimmy he still has a job at the club - but Jimmy goes out to buy cocaine.......
Episode 1377 (M 28-02-94 "Slagging") Written by Shaun Duggan - DD is having doubts about her faith. Sinbad starts getting the cold shoulder and losing work, as Ron spreads the word about the missing money - and Jimmy threatens to join in if Sinbad reports back to Jackie that he has been shoplifting. After going to visit Chris at her flat, Beth ends up spending the night with her.
Episode 1378 (W 02-03-94 "Hard to Believe") Written by Shaun Duggan - Terry agrees to buy the Rogers’ house so that it can be Simon’s official church. Margaret realises that Beth is lying about where she spent the night. After Jean, Patricia and the new home owners Eddie and Rosie Banks are persuaded
not to let Sinbad clean their windows, he and Mandy take out a loan so that they can repay Ron, who is having tea with DD.
Episode 1379 (F 04-03-94 "So Paranoid") Written by Shaun Duggan - Tony’s life is celebrated at a memorial service, and Bev has a surprise for Ron. Marianne doubts the wisdom of going to work in London when Carol so obviously wants to steal Mick from her. Patricia encourages Margaret to confront Chris - but when she does, she is not prepared for what she finds out.
Episode 1380 (M 07-03-94 "Invading") Written by Barry Woodward - Marianne moves in with Mick, but doesn't exactly get a warm welcome from Leo and Gemma.  Katie fears that she faces eternal damnation. Ron and Bev go for a night out at the "Legion", and stand-in compere encourages Ron not to return to his former role. Mandy catches Rachel smoking at school.
Episode 1381 (W 09-03-94 "Action Man") Written by Barry Woodward - Terry brings Father Heaton into Simon’s church - but he isn’t allowed to stay for very long.  Ron goes for an interview for his old role at the "Legion", accompanied by Josh and Bev. A stranger catches Margaret's eye, and may take her mind off the straying Beth - Carl, the son of Eddie and Rosie Banks.
Episode 1382 (F 11-03-94 "Birthday") Written by Barry Woodward - Marianne, trying to win her way back into Mick's life, plans a surprise for Mick's birthday - but she is not the only one. Margaret, perhaps on the rebound from Beth, and anxious to prove her independence, seems to be falling for Carl. Ron tries to drum up support, but Ray's seems to be increasing. Mandy searches Rachel’s schoolbag, and Max considers an alternative career.
Episode 1383 (M 14-03-94 "Back To Basics") Written by Chris Curry - Margaret is the focus of Carl's attentions, although he is hiding something from her. Although the Rogers' house has been sold, Simon refuses to leave. DD goes to confession, and Bev needs a dress altering for her "talent night" appearance. Jimmy resorts to burgling to pay for his drugs habit, and finds himself hearing alarm bells and being pursued by mad dogs.
Episode 1384 (W 16-03-94 "Outvoted") Written by Chris Curry - David is appalled to see barricades being erected at the Rogers'. The police visit the parade with news that Oscar’s home has been burgled, and they want to speak to Jimmy. Is there a connection? Penny receives a tempting offer from a tabloid, but Marianne refuses to go on a night out with Mick. Margaret sleeps with Carl, and Rachel won’t talk to Beth.
Episode 1385 (F 18-03-94 "Dixons II, The Revenge") Written by Chris Curry - The Banks family move into the Close, and get a welcome they could never have expected, as their arrival coincides with a dawn raid by the police on the Rogers' house. Patricia has her first scan, David recaptures his youth, and Ron follows Jimmy, seeking his own justice - but not expecting to be given the power of life and death over him.....
Episode 1386 (M 21-03-94) "Selling") Written by Valerie Windsor - Jimmy is taken to hospital, and his life hangs in the balance.  Penny wants to accept the offer for a newspaper interview, but Patricia doesn’t think it’s good enough. Terry makes a firm commitment by moving in with Simon, hoping he has found himself a family.  Barry wants advice from Max, and Carol plans to turn the Banks' house-warming into a lingerie party.
Episode 1387 (W 23-03-94 "Clothes") Written by Valerie Windsor - Katie tries to retrieve her clothes from her home, but finds that the locks have been changed. Jimmy is allowed back home - but Jackie has packed her suitcases. Max needs to persuade Patricia to take a major risk. Carol gets all the women together for a lingerie party, but gate-crashers arrive and catch Bev wearing only some of her underwear. Then there is a worse interruption - a brick through the  window.......
Episode 1388 (F 25-03-94 "Compromise") Written by Valerie Windsor - Mick and Marianne seem to be discovering that they don’t have much in common. Max has flowers for Patricia, but perhaps they are a bribe to soften her up. Jimmy reluctantly attends the drugs clinic, only to be told that he should have an HIV test. Eddie and Rosie replace their broken window, and fear that their secret is out.
Episode 1389 (M 28-03-94 "High Risk") Written by Nick Saltrese - Max's future plans involve big risks, but is Patricia willing to share them? She takes a test, and receives worrying news. Jimmy can't bring himself to take an AIDS test. Marianne is about to go for a job interview, but  Leo and Gemma have just filled up their water-pistols. Father Heaton makes another attempt to persuade DD to return to the church.
Episode 1390 (W 30-03-94 "Aerobics") Written by Nick Saltrese - Margaret is smitten with Carl, but his past is about to catch up with him. A terrified Jimmy tries to forget his drug-taking and kick his habit. Patricia undergoes a further test, and aerobics turns out to be more difficult than some of the residents expect.
Episode 1391 (F 01-04-94 "Eggs") Written by Nick Saltrese - Margaret feels used, and is convinced that there is only one place for her - in Bosnia, with Derek. Patricia encourages her to telephone him. Carl tells his family that he wants nothing more to do with either his wife or the army. DD returns to the church, and acts as confessor for Jimmy. Leo and Gemma play April Fool jokes on Mick and Marianne.
Episode 1392 (M 04-04-94 "Next Question") Written by Joe Ainsworth - Carl is taken away by the police again, but not before Margaret returns his trousers and works her way up a queue of people wanting to slap him. Bev rehearses a song, Jimmy cuts himself burgling, Barry suggests to Max that they cut Oscar out of the restaurant deal, and David disrupts Penny’s interview with a familiar journalist.

Episode 1393 (W 06-04-94 "Stranger") Written by Joe Ainsworth - Eddie and Rosie bring their younger son Lee home from the secure unit in which he has been held for the past two years. Marianne hears that she has got a new job - and that Eddie works for the same company. Jackie insists that Jimmy has
an AIDS test, and Margaret says her goodbyes to DD, Patricia and Beth as she leaves for a new life in Bosnia.
Episode 1394 (F 08-04-94 "Engaged") Written by Joe Ainsworth - Ron  tells Bev that the talent contest has been cancelled - but she knows different. Marianne leaves for London, but not before having a furious row with Mick, which ends with them becoming engaged. Max is having doubts about the new restaurant, Rosie makes an unexpected discovery, and Jimmy tries to be a decent husband again - or does he?

Episode 1395 (M 11-04-94 "Influence") Written by Maurice Bessman - The florists' is broken into, and everyone thinks they know who the culprit is. Eddie reveals his claim to fame - he was once a winner on "Bullseye". But Rosie will only let him put his dartboard up in the garage. Patricia and Penny go to Westminster.
Episode 1396 (W 13-04-94 "Winner") Written by Maurice Bessman - Bev wins the talent contest, but only with a little help from a friend. Carol thinks she is about to win the man of her dreams, but she’s going to be seriously disappointed. The Farnhams have an uninvited visitor, as Jimmy continues his criminal activities.
Episode 1397 (F 15-04-94 "Why Me?") Written by Maurice Bessman - As further threats are made, the Banks family's big secret is revealed - Lee is a convicted car thief. Jimmy is confronted by a mob of some residents, and there are sure to be worrying times ahead for Patricia, as she is told something about the baby she is carrying.

Episode 1398 (M 18-04-94 (‘Joyrider’) Written by Barry Woodward - The vendetta against the Banks family takes an unpleasant turn. Max and Patricia discuss their options. Sinbad's mother needs his help, and David plans a neighbourhood watch meeting.
Episode 1399 (W 20-04-94 "A Handicapped Child") Written by Barry Woodward - Penny discovers that her late husband had a mistress for years, with whom he fathered a ten-year-old son. Marianne has some hard words with Carol, and Eddie boldly confronts the father of Lee's persecutors. Patricia insists that she doesn’t want to abort her unborn baby.
Episode 1400 (F 22-04-94 "Airing") Written by Barry Woodward - Sinbad discovers that his mother’s home is riddled with damp and is no place for her to recuperate - but Mandy offers to let her stay in the extension. Max is having second thoughts over whether Patricia should have an abortion. Bev has visions of being a pop star, but her first hit is Ray's face when he makes a pass at her. Jimmy’s next burglary doesn’t go as successfully as some of his others.

When episode 1358 was repeated as part of an omnibus edition on Channel Four on Saturday 15th January 1994, another scene was moved into the middle of a sequence involving Beth and Margaret, so that the kiss it originally included was not seen by the tea-time viewers.

Unfortunately, it has not been possible to include any further specific details relating to episode 1398 in the remainder of this section of the Guide. In the cast list, ** indicates that these characters almost
certainly appeared in this episode.....but others may have featured too!

The cast :

Eddie Banks - PAUL BROUGHTON (1363, 1378, 1385-1397, 1399, 1400) **
Rosie Banks (nee McGee) - SUSAN TWIST (1355, 1360, 1363, 1367, 1371, 1378, 1385-1397, 1399, 1400) ** [ previously Jean (255, 256, 258, 300) / Woman (774) ]
Carl Banks - STEPHEN DONALD (1381-1384, 1389-1392)
Lee Banks - MATTHEW LEWNEY (1393-1397, 1399) **
Jackie Corkhill (nee Walker) - SUE JENKINS (1358, 1359, 1362, 1364, 1365, 1369-1375, 1377, 1379, 1381, 1386-1390, 1392, 1393)
Jimmy Corkhill - DEAN SULLIVAN (1353, 1355, 1362, 1364-1367, 1369-1377, 1379, 1381-1394, 1396, 1397, 1400)
David "Bing" Crosbie - JOHN BURGESS (1364, 1365, 1369, 1373, 1376, 1381, 1383-1389, 1392, 1393, 1395, 1397, 1399, 1400) **
Jean Crosbie - MARCIA ASHTON (1364, 1369, 1370, 1373, 1375, 1378, 1382, 1383, 1386, 1387, 1390, 1392, 1393, 1395, 1397, 1399)
Penny Crosbie - MARY TAMM (1361, 1363-1365, 1369-1371, 1373, 1374, 1384, 1386, 1388, 1391-1393, 1395-1397, 1399, 1400)
DD (Deborah) Dixon (nee O'Farrell) - IRENE MAROT (1353-1357, 1359, 1361, 1364, 1368-1372, 1374-1380, 1382, 1383, 1387, 1389, 1391, 1393, 1395)
Ron Dixon - VINCE EARL (1353-1360, 1363, 1364, 1366-1387, 1392, 1394-1396)
Jacqui Dixon - ALEXANDRA FLETCHER (1354, 1360, 1370, 1372, 1374-1376, 1378, 1379)
Mike Dixon - PAUL BYATT (1354-1356, 1361, 1371, 1372, 1374, 1378, 1379, 1391)
Tony Dixon - MARK LENNOCK (1357, 1360, 1361)
Max Farnham - STEVEN PINDER (1373, 1375, 1378, 1382, 1385-1389, 1392, 1394, 1396, 1397, 1399, 1400) **
Patricia Farnham (nee Crosbie) - GABRIELLE GLAISTER (1373-1375, 1378-1380, 1382, 1385-1397, 1399, 1400) **
Thomas Farnham - KIERAN WARHAM (1373-1375, 1378, 1392)
Margaret Clemence - NICOLA STEPHENSON (1353, 1355-1362, 1364, 1365, 1367-1375, 1378-1385, 1390-1393)
Barry Grant - PAUL USHER (1353, 1354, 1358, 1359, 1391-1363, 1365-1367, 1376, 1378, 1384, 1386, 1387, 1392, 1394, 1396)
Mick Johnson - LOUIS EMERICK (1354, 1356, 1357, 1359-1364, 1366, 1368, 1371, 1372, 1375, 1377, 1379, 1380, 1382, 1384, 1385, 1388, 1389, 1391, 1393, 1394, 1396, 1397, 1399)
Marianne Dwyer - JODIE HANSON (1354, 1356, 1359, 1362, 1363, 1375, 1377, 1379, 1380, 1382, 1384, 1385, 1387-1389, 1391, 1393, 1394, 1397, 1399) **
Gemma Johnson - NAOMI KAMANGA (1362, 1363oov, 1366, 1377, 1379, 1382, 1388, 1389, 1391)
Leo Johnson - LEEON SAWYER (1363, 1363oov, 1366, 1368, 1371, 1372, 1377, 1379, 1380, 1382, 1388, 1389, 1391)
Mandy Jordache (nee Dutton) - SANDRA MAITLAND (1354-1356, 1358, 1360, 1362-1372, 1374, 1377, 1378, 1380-1385, 1388, 1390, 1395, 1399, 1400) **
Beth Jordache - ANNA FRIEL (1353-1373, 1375, 1377-1379, 1381, 1383-1385, 1388, 1390, 1393)
Rachel Jordache - TIFFANY CHAPMAN (1354, 1365, 1367, 1371, 1380-1385, 1388, 1390, 1394, 1395, 1397)
Father Derek O'Farrell - CLIVE MOORE (1372)
Lyn Rogers, formerly Matthews (nee McLoughlin) - SHARON POWER (1367, 1368)
Katie Rogers - DIANE BURKE (1353-1362, 1365, 1367, 1368, 1370, 1372, 1374-1376, 1380, 1387)
Terry Sullivan - BRIAN REGAN (1353-1355, 1357-1362, 1364-1366, 1373-1378, 1381, 1383, 1386, 1399)
Sinbad (Thomas Sweeney) - MICHAEL STARKE (1353-1355, 1362-1374, 1376-1378, 1380, 1382, 1384, 1385, 1390, 1393, 1399, 1400) **

Julia Brogan (nee Roberts) - GLADYS AMBROSE (1356, 1380, 1383)
Dr Steve Davies - GRAHAM POUNTNEY (1357)
Simon Howe - LEE HARTNEY (1353-1362, 1364-1367, 1370, 1372-1378, 1381, 1383)
Mo McGee - TINA MALONE (1355, 1358, 1386, 1387)
Bev McLoughlin - SARAH WHITE (1353, 1355, 1359, 1360, 1363, 1367, 1368, 1370, 1372, 1376, 1379-1381, 1383-1385, 1387, 1390, 1392, 1394-1396)
Josh McLoughlin (1355, 1360, 1363, 1370, 1376, 1380, 1381, 1383, 1392, 1394, 1400)
Adrian Roache - JOHN BASHAM (1392, 1399)
Keith Rooney - KIRK SMITH (1353, 1356)
Carol Salter - ANGELA WALSH (1354, 1357, 1359-1361, 1363, 1366, 1368, 1371, 1372, 1377,  1379, 1382, 1384, 1386, 1387, 1389, 1390, 1394, 1396, 1397, 1399)
Garry Salter - STEPHEN DWYER (1360, 1366, 1368)
Ruth Sweeney - MARY HEALEY (1400) **

Father Paul Heaton - RONNIE LEEK (1372, 1377, 1379-1381, 1383, 1389, 1391)
[ Management Rep (16) / Estate Agent (976) ]
Mr Kershaw - RAY BURNSIDE (1399) [ Les (84) / Elvis Davis (663) ]
Mr Lewis - ROBERT McINTOSH  (1361) [ Martin (77, 78) ]

Miss Ashe - ? (1365)
Sarah Banks - ANDREA MARSHALL (1390)
Rebecca Banks - LAURA MANGEN (1390)
Nigel Borthwick - GRAHAM TROAKES (1391)
Jim Gornall - PATRICK CONNOR (1363)
Caroline Lewis - LOUISE IRONSIDE (1353-1358, 1361, 1362, 1375)
Chris Myers - MARIE FRANCIS (1363, 1366-1369, 1373, 1377, 1379)
Dr O’Keefe - JAY BENEDICT (1389, 1400)
Ray Piper - DUGGIE BROWN (1380-1382, 1390, 1396, 1400)
Jim Ross - JEREMY BULLOCH (1354)
Dean Royston - TONY TIMBERLAKE (1393)
Roy Williams - ADAM KOTZ (1366-1370)
Counsellor - JANE COX (1388)
Jason Orange “lookalike” - JUSTIN ORANGE [ his twin brother! ] (1357)


Amanda, cult member (1358)
Angela, partygoer (1367)
Brian, cult member (1381)
Carlo, cult member (1358)
Cissie, elderly drinker at the Legion (1384)
Cliff, Rosie’s pet goldfish (1385)
Father Bunloaf, priest (1357)
Jessica, young buggy-bound messy eater (1371)
Clare Kershaw, wheelchair user (1399)
Johnnie Le Ford, performer from “J & C Agency” (1380)
Linda, cult member (1381)
Maureen, nurse (1353)
Melissa, cult member (1358)
Peggy Patterson, ventriloquist and voice of “Sidney The Octopus” (1396)
Shirl, waitress at the Legion (1380)
Steve, club employee (1360)
Susie, cult member (1381)
The storylines:

A cult becomes established at number 6 - as Simon draws Katie, then Terry, under his spell. The Banks family move in to number 9 - including their younger son Lee, who has not been forgiven by the family of a girl he crippled while joyriding. The Farnhams discover that there is to be an addition to their family, as Patricia becomes pregnant, while the Dixon family reduces in size as Tony dies, and Ron moves out to live with Bev and son Josh......or is it his son? We still don't know, as Bev is more keen to embark on a singing career, encouraged by new Legion compere Ray Piper, than to find out. Mandy has an old cell-mate of Trevor's to contend with, while Mick is pursued by Carol, and Beth moves on from Margaret to one of
her lecturers at college, Chris. Penny tries to move on by looking for a job and selling her story to the press, while Jimmy's guilt over Tony and Frank increases, as does his dependence on drugs, including heroin. To fund his habit, he turns to burglary - but this is best carried out when the householder isn't going to return unexpectedly and catch him in the act.......
The dates:

Despite the occasional contradiction (explained in “Goofs” below), many references made to past and future events seen in other episodes of this season are such that virtually all of the action would appear to be set on the day of each original broadcast.  The only exceptions are episode 1353, set on New Year’s Day (Saturday), three Wednesday-aired episodes - 1369, 1390 and 1393 - all of which seem to be relating events that took place a day earlier (Tuesday), and the last few scenes of episodes 1357 and 1368,
which occur after midnight on Monday and are therefore in the early hours of the next morning.  There are specific references that it was New Year’s Eve yesterday in episode 1353; it is “Twelfth Night” tomorrow in episode 1354; it is Friday in episodes 1355 and 1361; it is “Saturday tomorrow” in episode 1358; it is “the middle of the week” in episode 1363; it is Valentine’s Day in episode 1371; it is Ash Wednesday in episode 1372; it is Good Friday, and April Fools’ Day, in episode 1391; and it is Easter
Monday, and “4th April ’94” in episode 1392.  Less specifically, it is “Easter Egg time already” in episode 1374, the coming Sunday is Mothers’ Day in episode 1382, and the clocks were to go forward yesterday in episode 1389. In episode 1364, Carol Salter describes herself as “Miss Reliability 1994”, and in episode 1397 “the party of law and order“ have been in government for “fifteen years”.


Rockefeller (1353, 1368, 1389); Pavarotti (1355); "Moon River" (1355); Jason Orange, Mark Owen and Robbie [Williams] (1357); “Take That” (1357, 1367); Bros, Matt and Luke (1357); “Jim’ll Fix It” (1357); Hitler (1363); “Richard and Judy” (1363); Tom Jones  (1364); Mickey Mouse  (1368); Patsy Cline (1372); the next Pope (1374); “Upstairs, Downstairs” (1374); “A Country Practice” (1376); Bob Hope (1376); Zig and Zag (1378); Abba (1378); Charles Manson (1378); “The Secret Garden” (1378); “Match Of The Day” (1380); Rosemarie Ford (1383); “The Generation Game” (1383); Mel Gibson (1384); Evel Knievel (1385); "Charlie Atlas" (1385); Barry Sheene (1386); Grand Funk Railroad (1386); “Holmes” and “Watson” (1386); Michael Heseltine (1386): Sandy Nelson (1386); Cozy Powell (1386); Richard Branson (1386); Terence Conran (1386); the “Chippendales” (1387); Lisa Stansfield (1387); “The Great Escape” (1387); the Pope (1387, 1396); “Captain Mainwaring” (1389); Charlie Bronson (1389); “Officer and a Gentleman” (1390); the Tiller Girls (1390); Nijinski, “not the racehorse” (1390); “Animal Farm” (1390); the Queen Mother (1392); “Hello” magazine (1392), “Romeo” (1392); Madonna (1393); “Inspector Morse” (1395); Vic Reeves (1395); Cliff [Richard] (1395); Barry Manilow (1395); Frank Zappa (1395); “Crimewatch” (1395); “Bullseye” (1395); Jim Bowen (1395); “Cinders” (1396); John Major (1396); Shirley Bassey (1396); [Barbra] Streisand (1396); Steely Dan (1397). In episode 1380, Julia would seem to be thinking of “Einstein” when she instead refers to “Epstein”.


Almost all of the action in this season is set in or near Liverpool, the only residents ever travelling further afield being Penny and Patricia.  In episode 1391, they meet with Mr Borthwick in Manchester (but are only seen in scenes unlikely to have been recorded there, as the location is in no way recognisable), while in episode 1395 they are seen in various (genuine!) parts of Westminster, London.


None, although Patricia reveals that she is nearly three months pregnant in episode 1373, and the baby is due “in August” (1379). Her “16 week” scan is “in a fortnight” in episode 1378, and takes place in episode 1385.  It isn’t Sinbad’s birthday in episode 1362 - but it is in episode 1363, when he is 37 (“21 and 192 months”); it is Mick’s birthday is episode 1382, which was “next week” in episode 1379 and “on Friday” in episode 1380; it is Chris's 30th birthday, which is "on Friday" in episode 1366, in episode
1367; and Rachel, who had previously been 14 (1365) celebrates her 15th birthday in episode 1390. 

It is the 21st birthday of an unseen and never-to-be-seen Annemarie, with whom Bev went to school, “next month” in episode1367; Rachel has been invited to the birthday party of a similarly never-seen Laura in episode 1395; and Penny learns in episode 1399 that Laurence, the almost equally unseen and never-to-be-seen son of her late husband, Clive, is 10 years old.  

Josh had been born prematurely (1390) on Christmas Day (1356), and is ten weeks old in episode 1379. It is pointed out that Ron will be an OAP when Josh is 20 (1356), and that when Josh starts going to school, Ron will be in his fifties (1367). Jimmy is a “40-year-old scally”, according to Jackie (1364); and their yet-to-be-seen granddaughter Kylie is nearly eighteen months old now (1377). Tony was a baby fourteen years ago (1370) and was 14 when he died (1378); Garry is 15 (1360, 1394); Katie is 17 (1381); Max is
34 (1387); Carl is 20 (1391); Rebecca is 3 (1392); Lee is 14 (1390, 1394, 1397); Bev is in her 20’s (1395); and crippled-for-life Clare is 9 (1399).


None. Mick and Marianne get engaged in episode 1394, but don‘t celebrate it until episode 1399. Jackie and Jimmy’s wedding photo is seen in episodes 1372 and 1394.  His brother Billy was married to Julia’s daughter “Renee”for twenty years (1356); and Father Paul hasn’t been married, but according to him DD and Ron were married for “the best part of twenty years” (1379). Carl has been married for three years (1391), and Penny was married to Clive for 15 years (1392).


One - never coming out of the coma he has been in since the car crash, Tony Dixon dies in episode 1368, aged 14 (1378).  His coffin plate reads “Anthony Dixon, Died 7th February 1994, Aged 14 Years, R.I.P.” (1372). Four unseen and never-to-be-seen dead people are mentioned - Jimmy’s “old mother” in episode 1353, Penny‘s father in episode 1363, Julia’s late husband Arthur in episode 1383, and Carol’s late father in episode 1384.
According to Carol, her father had been a pacifist - and he’d “nut” anyone who said he wasn’t! And three more recently-deceased relatives of current residents are frequently mentioned, either by name or otherwise: Frank Rogers (1359, 1364, 1369, 1389, 1391) who was Katie’s dad (1353, 1355, 1367, 1368, 1372) / father (1377); “him down there” (1399) Trevor (1366, 1367, 1368, 1369, 1370, 1371, 1382), who was Beth and Rachel’s dad (1354, 1361, 1362, 1365, 1377, 1381, 1383, 1384, 1385) and died last May (1382); and Clive (1364, 1384, 1392, 1395, 1400) Crosbie (1369, 1373), who was Penny’s husband (1363, 1399) and “the MP who topped himself” (1363, 1365).

Toilet visits:

Carol (1354, at Griersons - where she nicks some soap); Sinbad (1356, 1365); Ron (1358, 1378); Margaret (1364); Jimmy (1365, 1375, 1376); Gemma (1366); Ray (1367); Garry (1368); Katie (1375); Chris (1377); DD (1379); Bev (1380, 1392); David (1381); Patricia (1387); Lee (1397, twice); Marianne (1399); Ruth (1400). In episode 1386, Patricia is going “every ten minutes”, and wants to use the toilet at the florists’ - but it’s locked. And Lee has wet the bed in episode 1394.

Gone but not forgotten - characters seen previously and still mentioned occasionally, but not reappearing in this season:

Margaret’s mum (1353, 1392, 1393); Anna (1353, 1354, 1355); Leanne (1354, 1355); Charles Weekes / “Charlie” Weekes (1354, 1356, 1363, 1389 / 1363); Billy (1356, 1358); “Renee” [Doreen] (1356); Peter Harrison (1358, 1362, 1382); Oscar / Mr Dean / Oscar Dean (1357, 1358, 1359, 1361, 1365, 1384,
1387, 1392 / 1386 / 1386); the Shacktetons (1360, 1368) including Mrs Shackleton (1361, 1364); the Harrisons (1378, 1381) of the “Harrison place” (1363); Barry’s mother (1358, 1367, 1378, 1394); Josie (1366, 1379), who is Leo’s Mum (1368); Gavin, Alison, Geoff and Sammy (1367); Rachel’s Auntie
Brenna (1367, 1379); Charlie and Maria [Benson] (1371); Bev’s mother (1380), friend Janice (1381) and former brother-in-law Steve (1387, 1392); Julia’s friend Dolly [Sparrow] (1383); Lindsey (1387); Max’s first family (1388) including Susannah (1391, 1397) and his boss, Geoffrey (1396); and Marianne’s dad (1393), one of her family / “folks” in London (1375 / 1394).

Mentioned, so far unseen, but appearing later:

Garry’s father, apparently in a photograph Carol shows to Mick (1360); Macca, Jimmy’s drugs supplier (1377, 1379); Kylie (1377) / Jimmy’s grandchild (1392); Marianne’s mum (1393), one of her family / “folks” in London (1375 / 1394); and Miss Sandra Pennington (1399).   

Mentioned, but destined to remain unseen forever:

Dr Hayley, one of Beth’s lecturers (1356); Joanne, a cashier at the club (1357); Miss "Dykey" Drew, a grey-haired lesbian who taught history at the school Margaret attended (1360); Garry’s dad’s mother (1360); Caroline’s mother (1361); Jim Gornall’s disabled wife - who is in his car, but impossible to see (1363); Roy’s wife and young baby (1366) and mother (1369); Annemarie, a school friend of Bev (1367); Rosie’s dad (1367); Chris's sister Louise (1367) and her parents (1377); Mr Jones, a pizza orderer on the telephone (1368); Andrea, one of Tony’s nurses (1368); Helen, Chris's ex-flatmate and lover (1368, 1369, 1373); Father Greaves (1370); Alex Mackay, his wife Jill, and Pam Jackson, all former contacts of
Patricia (1375); Emma, Patricia’s journalist friend from the “Echo” (1375); Jocelyn, an (alleged) student on Beth’s course (1378); Richard, a television quiz contestant (1378); Ray’s wife (1380); Sarah’s parents in Reading (1381); Carol’s mother (1382); Willie, a committee member (1384); Doggy Dunlop and Dezzy Black, old mates of Ron (1384); Billy McKenna, from Eddie’s work (1388); Sarah Foster, mentioned in a television programme in the background (1390); Laura, a friend of Rachel (1395). Laurence, the son of Sandra Pennington (1399); and Billy Silcombe, an agent Ray knows (1400).


Three references to what happened “last night” in episode 1385, and one each in episodes 1379, 1382, 1388, 1396 and 1397,  are all actually about events of two nights earlier - and mentions of happenings “yesterday” in episodes 1372 and 1391 were of occurrences two days earlier, while references to things that are to happen “tomorrow” in episodes 1371, 1378 and 1381 relate to events that will not occur until a further day later.

Jackie has an even less convincing grasp of time in episode 1364, near the end of January, when she recalls catching Jimmy taking drugs “a couple of weeks ago, just before Christmas”.

In episode 1379, Patricia recalls that Mick’s wife Josie once kicked her, and that she then kicked Josie back.  However, in episode 865 there was no second kick - Patricia had just hobbled away without retaliating!


Ron recognises Rosie as the traffic warden who gave him a parking ticket on Water Street last week (1386). She has lived in a council house for some time, and bought it two years ago (1358) - and both she and her husband Eddie are in the Territorial Army (1389, 1390).  Three years ago, they were contestants on the television darts/quiz show “Bullseye”, and won a speedboat - which they sold (1395). Their removals van bears the name “Direct Removals” and the telephone number 051 269 5727 (1385) - and, as he unpacks, Eddie finds a record by Grand Funk Railroad (1386). “Television Aerial and Satellite Installations” and the telephone number 051 269 9669 appear on the van of the men who install satellite television for him (1389).  A square vehicle number place VJA 773X, perhaps from one of his old motorcycles, is on the wall of his garage (1395), and he is seen wearing a “Led Zeppelin” T-shirt (1390). Patricia discovers that Eddie and Rosie have a crinolined-lady toilet-roll holder in their bathroom (1387).

Eddie taught his younger son Lee to drive (1394) - but, partly as a result of this, Lee has not been with his family for two years (1397). Rosie pretends that  he has been staying with her sister-in-law (1394), Lee’s
“Auntie June” (1387, 1388) - rather than revealing where he actually was, never visited by his older brother Carl (1394). Carl has been in the army for two years (1391) - and Rosie says that he was in Germany most of the time (1394). On a date with Margaret in episode 1382, Carl claims to have been in Germany for six months, but never in Northern Ireland - however, these claims may well be as inaccurate as his suggestions that he is only 17 years old, and single! Eddie tries to persuade Rosie not to put up a poster of Madonna in Lee’s bedroom (1386) - but several are there by the time he arrives in episode 1393, and reveals that he doesn’t really like her any more.  Eddie thinks a Twix egg is Lee’s favourite - but he doesn’t really have one (1393), and no longer takes sugar in his tea (1393).

David was stationed in Aden (1395), and has “The Great Escape” on video (1387). Patricia, who had a crush on David’s brother Clive when she was 15 (1395), has hired (the very recently released) “The Secret Garden” on video (1378), and is seen reading the book “Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha” by Roddy Doyle (1394). Max, who is right-handed (1394), is seen with the book “Dragon and the Rabbits” (1382), and takes three other books that he has bought - “Egon Ronay’s Guide To Hotels And Restaurants”, “Floyd On Spain” and “The Cranks Recipe Book” - out of a Waterstone’s plastic bag (1389). All of his CDs were stolen in a recent burglary.....except the ones by Steely Dan (1397). The doctor he and Patricia visit in episode 1400 opens a folder marked “Liverpool General Hospital Maternity Unit”. There is a "Blue Velvet - written by David Lynch" poster on Margaret's bedroom wall (1361), and a "Piccadilly Palare - Morrissey" poster on the back of her bedroom door (1365).

Penny sells her wedding and engagement rings for 2,500 (1364), and consults leaflets including “How The Social Fund Can Help You” and “Unemployment Benefit - A Guide To The Social Fund” (1373). She plays “snakes and ladders” with Thomas (1396). Mr (Nigel) Borthwick is the deputy editor (1389) of the newspaper who have previously offered her 5,000 (1376), then 8,500 (1388) for her story.  She finally receives a cheque for 11,000 (1396) - but the newspaper headline seen in episode 1400 is headed “CLIVE CROSBIE LEFT ME HOLDING THE BABY”.  An “EXCLUSIVE by ADRIAN ROACHE”, it is sub-headed “Double life of suicide MP - we find his 10 year old love child” and illustrated with a small photograph of the child on his own, and a larger one of him with his mother - Sandra Pennington, who has a
flat in Knightsbridge (1399). Laurence was Clive’s middle name, according to Penny (1400) - and Clive apparently began having an affair in 1980, fourteen years ago and two years after she married him (1400), when she was still a virgin (1392).

Tony’s bedroom has a computer-printed sign “TONY’S ROOM, KEEP OUT!” on the door (1374). There is a poster “MENACE ATTACK”, featuring Dennis the Menace, on his bedroom wall (1369, 1374). “Tony Dixon Was Ere 91” is found under the wallpaper on his bedroom wall when it is stripped off (1379). A Liverpool scarf is on the wall of his hospital ward (1369) - as he was a Liverpudlian (1372), as well as a Nintendo addict (1372) who wouldn’t have appreciated being left Ron’s Everton scarf, nor his Patsy Cline records (1372). Tony’s Fund raises 1,500 (1354) / over 2,000 (1366) / 2142.50 (1367) - and his memorial service takes place at St David’s (1378, 1379).  Home-made steak and kidney pie is Ron’s favourite (1378), and his elder son Mike is left-handed (1354). The “Trading Post” does not deliver newspapers - according to Ron, the nearest shop that does is on “Dazebrook Lane” (1378) - but it does sell fuses. Mandy pays fifty-seven pence for one (1366).

Sinbad says that St Mary’s Club have a cracking compere - who, according to Ron, is Ray (1382), runner of two flower shops (1381). There is a “Stars Of The 90’s Talent Night” banner above the stage on which Ron, Bev and other contestants perform, and are later gathered together for the announcement of the winner (1396). Before the contest, Ron is instructed to avoid blue jokes, and any involving cripples, the blind, poppy sellers, queers or lesbians - however, John Major, the Pope and England football team managers are all “fair game”. The list of winners given to Ray reads: 1) RON DIXON. 2) BEVERLY MAC. 3) PEGGY PATTERSON. - while those missing the top three seem to include a juggler, a male magician with a female assistant, and a trio of sand dancers (1396).  Bev draws “yellow 252” as the winning ticket in the raffle, which raised 57 (1396). She used to do kissograms (1380) - and, when she was 17, a man she was seeing paid for her to have driving lessons and wanted to leave his wife for her. However, after she passed her driving test, she realised that she didn’t love him any more (1379).

Jackie’s telephone number is 269 3154 (1374). After she insists that Jimmy has an AIDS test, he is briefly seen going into a building in front of which is a sign bearing the large words “PARKSIDE CLINIC” and the smaller ones “Liverpool Regional Health Authority”(1393).  Marianne, who is seen taking Easter eggs she has bought out of a Woolworths’ bag (1391), learns that she is soon to have an interview at Litrotech Components (1388) - and that she has succeeded in being appointed as their new Personnel Manager (1393). The business is located in the Wavertree Technology Park (1393), and Eddie also works there (1393). For the birthday of Mick, who is right-handed (1377), she books a table at the “Armadillo” restaurant (1380, 1382), although in the event they don’t go. The brand name of the thin pizza crust bases used by the pizza parlour is "Tolona" (1354, 1357). Carol is paid 2.50 per hour to work there (1359, 1360), and has looked after Garry on her own for thirteen years (1361). When he was younger, he got his
head caught between railings, and got stuck up telephone poles (1366).  She used to work in a chippy, “Morelli’s” (1359).  The school that both of Mick’s children, and Thomas Farnham, go to is “Manor Park” (1375). 

Beth, who once wrote to “Jim’ll Fix It” (1357), gives Rachel the book “Animal Farm” as a birthday present (1390). A poster of “Harrison Ford, Blade Runner, Director’s Cut” can be seen on the wall of one of their bedrooms (1382). Rachel gets 3 per week pocket money, but claims that everyone else gets 5 (1395) - and that nobody watches “Meadowcroft Park” any more (1385). There is a "Goodfellas" poster on Beth’s bedroom wall (1362). She is seen reading a paperback book, "The Piano" by Jane Campion
(1355), and a book on anatomy (1372). Another about “Human Anatomy and Physiology” is on the table at which she is working in episode 1393. Roy, who is from Widnes (1366), says that his old cell-mate Trevor’s nickname in prison was “Lifebuoy”(1366). He had been the manager of a building society (1354), and the inscription on his gravestone, seen again in episode 1366, reads "Trevor Jordache, Husband, Father & Loving Brother, 1947-1993".  Mandy, who used to smoke (1380), and Sinbad consider re-burying him in Knowsley Safari Park (1368). “Greenfields Building Society” is the first of three at which Sinbad has arranged appointments for them (1364) - and the loan they eventually obtain elsewhere will be paid off in 220 weeks (1399). Ruth’s house number is 171 (1400).

“Knight to the Rescue” is the headline on a newspaper article seen in episode 1364.  It includes a photograph captioned “Mr Barry Grant presents Mick Johnson and the U12s team with their new kit”.  On the same page, a “Classifieds” telephone number, 051 236 4422, is visible - and the back-page headline, probably sports-related, is “Barnes enters centre stage”. Barry, who asks for coffee with two sugars (1378), is seen reading an edition of “Esquire” magazine on which the front cover caption is “TOM
HANKS GETS TOUGH” (1394). According to Barry, Oscar knows all of the Liverpool football team (1358), and Terry used to be into “Penthouse” (1366) and Abba (1378). The inscription in the Bible that Terry receives from Simon, a Manchester United fan (1361), is very similar to the one previously used for Katie - “To Terry, Jesus led you to me, now let me lead you to Him. Simon” (1366).  Terry looks through, then burns, several old photographs featuring himself, Anna, Sue, Danny, Fran and Steven in episode 1353. Caroline met Simon six months ago (1353).

The vehicle of the workmen who cut down a tree on the Close in episode 1356 bears the business name "Northern Tree and Garden Services" and the telephone number 061 793 1963; the van shared by the pizza parlour and florist, bearing the telephone number 269 3826, is seen in episodes 1357 and 1371; "For Sale" signs bearing the name "Shannon Estates" and the telephone number 051 269 5610 can be seen in episodes 1361, 1363, 1368, 1378, 1381, 1383, 1385 and 1389; and a "Shop Unit To Let" sign, bearing the
name "FLETCHER'S" and the telephone number 051 676 8866, can be seen on the parade in episodes 1377, 1378, 1387 and 1389.  Carol is seen getting out of a black cab with the registered number 4033 in episode 1357, in which another one bearing the name “Manor Car Hire” and the telephone number 269
6699 displaying the telephone number 269 6699 can be seen parked. To get to the station in episode 1371, Sinbad uses a (different-coloured) taxi from that company bearing the same name and number. 

"Blink-and-you-miss it" moments:

In episode 1354, Mick is seen reading a newspaper whose front-page headline is "AIR DISASTER DEATH TOLL RISES - Village Mourns As Many Die" - which reflects contemporary events in the soap opera "Emmerdale" !

The pink car previously owned by Harry Cross can briefly be seen parked on Brookside Parade in episodes 1374 and 1397.

In episode 1379, Ron promises Bev “I’ll still be with you when I’m 64”. Although their marriage is almost a decade away, he could well be right.....

In episode 1384, Sinbad has a real tongue-twister: “More than pickled pepper’s flying if Ray Piper’s picked!” In response, Mick quips, “Easy for him to say, eh?”.

In episode 1391, while Mick talks to Mike outside the pizza parlour, Leo and Gemma can be seen in the background, removing Marianne’s Easter egg from the refrigerator unit inside.  It would be revealed later on that they had removed the chocolates from inside the egg, re-wrapped it and replaced it!

The end-of-season cliffhanger:

As "Brookside" approaches the end of its 1400th episode, Jimmy looks set to achieve another successful burglary on the Close. But Eddie and Rosie return home unexpectedly - and, until the police arrive, Jimmy isn't going anywhere.......

Season Thirty Five.......