Brookside Guide.....Season Fourteen.....

by the "Brookside Expert "

[Episodes 539-586]

The episodes:

Episode 539 (M 28-12-87 "Active Imaginations") Written by Alan McDonald - Sammy is left in charge when Frank and Chrissy go out to celebrate New Year, but her idea of fun isn't exactly safe. Terry plans a romantic New Year, but the best-laid plans.......

Episode 540 (T 29-12-87 "New Year, New Start") Written by Alan McDonald - Jonathan is not amused to find his room occupied when he returns home. Bobby makes a resolution, but has he left it too late? Frank and Chrissy solve the mystery of the Lone Ranger.

Episode 541 (M 04-01-88 "The Gift Of Life") Written by Peter Cox - Laura's life-support machine is turned off. Ralph finds out that Harry is going to be on the panel interviewing him for membership of the Commonwealth and Empire Club.

Episode 542 (T 05-01-88 "Pertinent Questions") Written by Peter Cox - Bobby resents Sheila's studying. Jonathan has to face the inquest into Laura's death, and decides to lie in order to prevent her parents from discovering the truth.

Episode 543 (M 11-01-88 "Ways And Means") Written by Susan Pleat - Paul feels that Chris has overstayed his welcome. Terry and Annabelle are surprised by the way Jonathan is behaving following Laura's cremation.

Episode 544 (T 12-01-88 "Moral Judgements") Written by Valerie Windsor - Jonathan invites Terry to go on a holiday with him. Growler is driving everyone up the wall. Annabelle has an embarrassing experience involving a man in a rusty old car. Harry's economy drive backfires.

Episode 545 (M 18-01-88 "Contraflow") Written by Jim Hitchmough - Terry tests the power and effectiveness of Jonathan's cordless telephone, and invites Sue round to help him fill in his taxi licence application form. Gordon is jealous that Chris is getting a free trip to St Moritz.

Episode 546 (T 19-01-88 "Rearranging") Written by Jim Hitchmough - Annabelle receives a letter from Mona asking for help. Frank's chances of getting a new job take a turn for the worse. Gordon feels that Paul will never understand him.

Episode 547 (M 25-01-88 "Paperwork") Written by Kathleen Potter - Bobby thinks he has done a good turn, but Sheila doesn't react in the way he expects. Paul is surprised to find that Annabelle is willing to give Terry a reference. Growler and Bumper accidentally cause some people's plans to go up in smoke.

Episode 548 (T 26-01-88 "Hoping For.......") Written by Kathleen Potter - Annabelle is disappointed with Paul's attitude to the new neighbours, and he fails to prevent her from giving Terry another reference. Bobby can't seem to put a foot right with Sheila. Sue wants to keep her business and private life seperate.

Episode 549 (M 01-02-88 "I'm Keeping It") Written by Peter Cox - Paul's mug is broken, so he doesn't let Gordon watch "The Magic Rabbits". Chrissy receives a letter from the school about Sammy's coat. Brian comes to Annabelle's aid when her car breaks down. Growler and Bumper retaliate when their football is confiscated.

Episode 550 (T 02-02-88 "Someone To Blame") Written by Peter Cox - Billy is on the spot when Tracy wants to know all about Doreen and his involvement in crime. When Jamie needs money, he finds a surprisingly easy way of earning it on the Close. A household loses two of its members.

Episode 551 (M 08-02-88 "Sorry, Sorry, Sorry") Written by John Oakden - Bobby appears in court on the drink-driving charge, and is fined £150. He and Barry go for a drink together, and forget to bring something home....... Annabelle receives another strange letter from her mother.

Episode 552 (T 09-02-88 "School Rules") Written by John Oakden - Chrissy confronts Sammy's headmistress, and is determined to make Frank's company keep to their word. The Corkhills' becomes a haven for waifs and strays.

Episode 553 (M 15-02-88 "Venison") Written by Andy Lynch - Gordon makes an unexpected return to the Close - in an ambulance. Jamie is a victim of Rod's dedication to his police work, and when Jimmy is left to handle the food supply at number 10, it's best not to question where it came from.

Episode 554 (T 16-02-88 "Pancakes") Written by Andy Lynch - All of a sudden, both Paul and Annabelle are keen to visit Mona. Harry realises that he has to take action now that there is a vacant committee post.

Episode 555 (M 22-02-88 "Comradeship") Written by Barry Woodward - Jimmy's mistress, Kathy, arrives at the Corkhills'. Harry and Ralph are both urgently seeking sponsors. Paul refuses to ring Chris on Gordon's behalf.

Episode 556 (T 23-02-88 "Our Grandchild") Written by Barry Woodward - Mr McGrath brings news about Debbie to the Grants, and ends up being thrown out of the house. Chris is amused to find Gordon looking like something out of "Doctor Who". Mona turns up late at night, claiming that she is being beaten at the home.

Episode 557 (M 29-02-88 "Elected") Written by Allan Swift - Harry employs below-the-belt tactics in his bid to be elected to the committee after his sponsor realises he has been conned. Jamie tries to convince Billy to allow him to move in indefinitely.

Episode 558 (T 01-03-88 "Speechless") Written by Allan Swift - There is an unexpected setback for Harry during his inaugural anti-women speech at the Commonwealth and Empire Club. Mona is in a bad way. Jimmy has an ingenious solution to the Corkhills' overcrowding problem.

Episode 559 (M 07-03-88 "Knocking Through") Written by Jimmy McGovern - Bobby has bad news for Sheila. Ralph decides to build a model of the Close. Jamie is woken up by the sound of holes being drilled all around him.

Episode 560 (T 08-03-88 "Lives Wasted") Written by Jimmy McGovern - Bobby throws some hurtful allegations at Sheila, and they both seek solace in their own way. Terry makes a rash decision when he hears of Sue's resignation. Tracy and Jamie move out.

Episode 561 (M 14-03-88 "Commonwealth Day") Written by Helen J. Wilson - Ralph's entertainment for Commonwealth Day at the Commonwealth and Empire Club doesn't quite fit the bill, but there's somebody around to save the day.

Episode 562 (T 15-03-88 "Kidnapped") Written by Helen J. Wilson - Betty has an issue that she wants Harry to bring up at his first committee meeting. Terry is dubious about Barry's latest proposition. Chris and Gordon kidnap Mona.

Episode 563 (M 21-03-88 "Convinced") Written by Valerie Windsor, Peter Cox - Terry makes a friend on holiday, while Jonathan finds it harder to cope. Paul receives unexpected assistance in his investigation of the care home. Billy discovers that Tracy has gone to London.

Episode 564 (T 22-03-88 "Out Of Order") Written by Peter Cox, Valerie Windsor - Billy finds Jimmy's stolen loot. Jonathan feels that his spirits are too low for a holiday. Terry takes his chances on the piste. Harry and Ralph try to raise the possibility of admitting women at the committee meeting.

Episode 565 (M 28-03-88 "Living With Guilt") Written by Peter Cox, Valerie Windsor - Barry is caught in the act, and Sheila tears a strip off Billy. Terry finds that ice-skating is just as difficult as skiing, and while he and Donna watch a dancing display, Jonathan and Cheryl play backgammon. Jamie comes back from London without Tracy.

Episode 566 (T 29-03-88 "Old Mates") Written by Valerie Windsor, Peter Cox - Rod goes to London to search for Tracy. Donna drops a bombshell. Billy wonders whether his children would prefer to be with their mother. There's a surprise awaiting Kathy when she goes out looking for a fight.

Episode 567 (M 04-04-88 "Pull The Other One") Written by Allan Swift - The trail for Tracy goes dead for Rod and Jamie. Billy discovers he can't even count on Jimmy to be dishonest. Chrissy wonders where Growler got his football.

Episode 568 (T 05-04-88 "Holiday Friendships") Written by Allan Swift - Rod returns from London, but his news isn't good. Bobby receives a tip-off about the effects of automation. Sue's nose is out of joint when she finds out how popular Terry is with the ladies.

Episode 569 (M 11-04-88 "Sights") Written by Susan Pleat - Barry and Sinbad show Cheryl and Donna the sights of Liverpool. Tracy returns from London, and Billy is all set to have a go at her. Frank gets a shock when he discovers he has lost something.

Episode 570 (T 12-04-88 "Held") Written by Susan Pleat - Following the theft of Frank's articulated lorry, he is interrogated by the police and his home is thoroughly searched. Growler fears that the stolen football will be found.

Episode 571 (M 18-04-88 "Costing") Written by Kathleen Potter - Frank's story is not believed, Sheila seeks spiritual guidance, Bobby agrees to contribute his wages to the strike fund, and Barry receives a tip-off about his trees. Tracy tries to persuade Kathy to stay even though Jimmy has dumped her to go back to his wife.

Episode 572 (T 19-04-88 "Someone To Talk To") Written by Kathleen Potter - Bobby has a big decision to make as a strike seems possible at a factory. Sheila visits a marriage guidance counsellor.

Episode 573 (M 25-04-88 "Serious Misconduct") Written by Andy Lynch - Things look bad for Frank as he faces a discliplinary hearing. There are revelations in the post for Bobby, an awkward customer for Sinbad, and an unexpected question for Sue.......about wallpaper.

Episode 574 (T 26-04-88 "Expert Opinion") Written by Andy Lynch - Both Bobby and Sheila realise that they have been somewhat economical with the truth. Terry delegates the choice of Jonathan's wallpaper to Sue, and the decorating itself to Sinbad.......

Episode 575 (M 02-05-88 "Clubbing It") Written by Jimmy McGovern - Kathy doesn't make Jimmy welcome when he returns to the Close, and she and Sheila decide to go out to a nightclub. When Tracy isn't available, Billy has to look after Claire.

Episode 576 (T 03-05-88 "Sexual Chemistry") Written by Jimmy McGovern - Sheila and Kathy's night out has an unpleasant ending, and Paul also gets a shock.

Episode 577 (M 09-05-88 "Retaliation") Written by Allan Swift - Barry replaces the broken glass in Billy's door, then Bobby smashes it again. Paul wants to confront Gordon and Chris, but he has forgotten that it is Annabelle's birthday.

Episode 578 (T 10-05-88 "Rain Forest") Written by Allan Swift - Gordon and Chris consider buying a home together, and Chris has an idea about where the deposit might come from. Jonathan tries to find out who planted a rain forest in his back garden.

Episode 579 (M 16-05-88 "Absenteeism") Written by John Oakden - Barry offers financial help to his parents, but Sheila wonders where he is getting the money from. Tracy is behaving very mysteriously. Harry is annoyed to discover than Ralph has disposed of two of his gnomes.

Episode 580 (T 17-05-88 "No Splits") Written by John Oakden - There's a crisis in the factory, and Bobby is nowhere to be found, so Sheila has to cover up. Gordon and Chris receive a letter from the building society. Barry finds he must do some more community s-s-s-service.

Episode 581 (M 23-05-88 "Serious Words") Written by Kathleen Potter - Harry's gnomes are disappearing again. Bobby's whereabouts are still a mystery to George. Jonathan's boss has a few stern words with him.

Episode 582 (T 24-05-88 "Surprising Answers") Written by Kathleen Potter - Paul is in a panic over Mona and her money. Jonathan needs to find a missing paragraph. Harry catches the gnome-napper red-handed.

Episode 583 (M 30-05-88 "Get Them Down") Written by David Angus - The Grants' house goes up for sale. The Collins' glass door is the next to be smashed to pieces, and Jamie is caught with his trousers down.

Episode 584 (T 31-05-88 "Desert Rats") Written by David Angus - Jonathan takes a chance to dig deeper in search of the missing paragraph, and Paul prepares his speech. Chrissy is keen to see the model Growler claims to have made.

Episode 585 (M 06-06-88 "Mind Your Backs") Written by Helen J. Wilson - Growler deceives Chrissy. Despite Betty's protests, Paul goes ahead with his D-Day speech. Gordon and Chris enjoy a night out, but the aftermath is not as pleasant.

Episode 586 (T 07-06-88 "No Contest") Written by Helen J. Wilson - Gordon and Chris are charged. Sue and Terry's quiet night is interrupted. Sizzler explains what he requires Barry to do.

The cast:

Annabelle Collins (nee Harvey) - DOREEN SLOANE (543, 544, 546-551, 553, 554, 558, 561-563, 577, 578, 580-586)
Paul Collins - JIM WIGGINS (543, 544, 546-551, 553-556, 558, 560-563, 576-578, 582-586)
Gordon Collins - MARK BURGESS (543-546, 549, 550, 553-556, 558, 560-563, 576-578, 580-582, 585, 586)
Billy Corkhill - JOHN McARDLE (540, 549, 550, 552, 553, 555-561, 563-571, 575-577, 579, 580)
Rod Corkhill - JASON HOPE (540, 549, 552-555, 564-572, 581-584)
Tracy Corkhill - JUSTINE KERRIGAN (540, 549, 550, 552, 553, 555, 556, 557, 559, 560, 569-571, 579, 580, 583)
Harold Cross - BILL DEAN (539, 541-544, 554, 555, 557-559, 561, 562, 564, 578-585)
Jonathan Gordon-Davies - STEVEN PINNER (541-544, 559-561, 563, 564, 566, 568-570, 578, 581, 582, 584)
Laura Gordon-Davies (nee Wright) - JANE CUNLIFFE (541)
Bobby Grant - RICKY TOMLINSON (540, 542, 545-552, 556, 559, 560, 568, 570-578, 579 OOV)
Sheila Grant - SUE JOHNSTON (540, 542, 545-553, 556, 557, 559, 560, 565, 566, 569, 570-572, 574-583)
Barry Grant - PAUL USHER (540, 551-553, 556, 557, 562, 565, 567, 569, 571, 577-583, 586)
Claire Grant - AMY LYNCH (542, 545-551, 553, 572, 574, 575, 577-580, 583)
Ralph Hardwick - RAY DUNBOBBIN (539, 541-544, 554, 555, 557-559, 561, 564, 578-580, 583-585)
Chrissy Rogers (nee Morgan) - EITHNE BROWNE (539-550, 552, 565, 567, 570-573, 583-585)
Frank Rogers - PETER CHRISTIAN (539-541, 544-550, 552, 565, 569-573)
Geoff "Growler" Rogers - KEVIN CARSON (539, 541, 543, 544, 547, 549, 550, 567, 570, 582-585)
Katie Rogers - DEBBIE REYNOLDS (539, 543-545, 547)
Sammy Rogers - RACHAEL LINDSAY (539, 541, 543, 544, 549, 550, 552)
Terry Sullivan - BRIAN REGAN (539, 540, 542-545, 547, 548, 559-574, 586)

Julia Brogan (nee Roberts) - GLADYS AMBROSE (561)
Kirsty Brown - JOANNA BLACK (571, 572, 582-584)
Jimmy Corkhill - DEAN SULLIVAN (552-559, 561, 563, 564, 566-568, 570, 571, 575)
Christopher Duncan - STIFYN PARRI (543-545, 549, 550, 556, 558, 561, 562, 576-578, 580, 581, 583, 585)
Father Gibbons - STEPHEN BOXER (571)
Sue Harper - ANNIE MILES (539, 545, 548, 559, 560, 568, 573, 574, 586)
Mona Harvey - MARGARET CLIFTON (554, 556, 558, 561, 562, 578, 581-583)
Jamie Henderson - SEAN McKEE (550, 552, 553, 557, 559, 560, 565-568, 570, 583)
Brian "Bumper" Humphreys - JAMES MAWDSLEY (543, 547, 549, 584)
Doctor Khan - TARIQ ALIBAI (540, 541)
Mr Tom McGrath - NICK MALONEY (556)
Matty Nolan - TONY SCOGGO (546, 559, 572)
Arthur Parkinson - EDWARD CLAYTON (542, 555, 557-559, 561, 564, 585)
Jack Sullivan - WILLIAM MAXWELL (539, 540)
Sinbad (Thomas Sweeney) - MICHAEL STARKE (569, 572-574)
Sizzler - RENNY KRUPINSKI (580, 586)
George Williams - DOC O'BRIEN (570, 579-581)
Dorothy Wright - JACQUELINE MORGAN (541, 542)
Geoff Wright - ARTHUR KELLY (541, 542, 569)

Betty Hunt (nee Parkinson) - MARJI CAMPI (561, 562, 579, 580, 585) [ Sammy's Mother (198 ) ]
Mike McTaggert - STUART GOLLAND (579) [ Policeman (429) ]
Reg Pope - TED MORRIS (555) [ Norman Ross (244) ]
Councillor Alec Redfearn - JAMES GARBUTT (555, 557, 558 ) [ Jackie Armstrong (204) ]
Greg aka Masher, Boris - IAN LISTON (576) [ Tony Harding (262) ]

Ann Barber - LAURA CALLAND (569)
Cheryl Boyanowsky - JENNIFER CALVERT (564-566, 568-570)
Degsy Bruce - JOEY JENNINGS (563, 564)
Darryl Edwards - DANNY McCALL (568 )
Donna Gibson - DIANNE MICHAELS (563-566, 568-570)
Robin Gilchrist - DAVID GLOVER (581)
Jeff Howard - BILL MONKS (573)
Simon Jackson - EDWARD HALSTEAD (582)
Howard Kelly - ANDREW MOORCROFT (544)
Brian Lawrence - VINCENT MAGUIRE (544, 549, 550, 584-586)
Meg Pierce, Headmistress - ANNE RUTTER (552)
Kathy Roach - NOREEN KERSHAW (555-558, 560, 566, 567, 570, 571, 575-577, 581)
Tommy "Tosca" Scanlon - PETER LYNCH (549)
Sarah Townes - JULIANNE WHITE (581, 582, 584)
Dave Wilkins - RALPH WATSON (571)

Mrs Downs, Matron - SALLY FAULKNER (554, 558, 561-563)
Mr Dutton - GREGORY COX (573)
Jan, marriage guidance counsellor - JANET ALLEN (572)
Louanne - FAITH TINGLE (567)
Mrs McGrath - ANNIE TYSON (552)
Detective Sergeant Oxley - JEREMY PETERS (570)
Paula - CHERYL MURRAY (572)
Detective Sergeant Peters - GRAEME EDLER (570, 571)
Stephen - STEVE HALLIWELL (576)
Mrs Williams - URSULA MORAN (552)

Cartright, pupil (541)
Cyril John Clayton, unpopular club member (555, 557)
Danny Mac, contact of Jimmy (568)
Helen, pupil (552)
Howie, gawp (544)
Jackson, pupil (541)
John, barman (551)
Kev, barman (560)
Milo, performer (561)
Monty, Milo's snake (561)
Jim Moss, PTA chairman (572)
Shirley, aide (562)
Sid, barman (548 hand)
Mr Thomas, the "Grim Sweeper" (542)
Jenny Williams from Bristol (584)
Wolfgang / "Wolfie", ski instructor (565)

The Magic Rabbits reappear in episodes 544 and 549, watched on television by Gordon.

There is no cast list at all, or writer indicated, on the closing credits of episodes 539 and 540, in which the normal closing image of the Close quickly fades to the waving cast and crew, over which an alphabetical list of the whole year's team is rolled, followed by the message "Brookside Wishes You A Happy New Year".

Episode 561, excluding its final scene, was included on the video release "Brookside: That Man Harry Cross", and episode 576, excluding its final scene, was included on "Brookside: The Sheila Grant Years".

The storylines:

Tracy and Jamie take a trip to London, which at least temporarily reduces the problem of overcrowding at number 10. Jonathan goes on holiday on Austria with Terry to try to cheer himself up after Laura dies, and comes home to problems at work. Frank has even more problems at work, as Chrissy's insistence that he tries to better himself only leads to him facing a disciplinary hearing. Ralph builds a model of the Close and, with Harry, becomes involved with the running of the Commonwealth and Empire Club, and after various things have driven them further and further apart, Bobby walks out on Sheila for good. Paul is finding it increasingly hard to cope with Gordon's relationship with Chris - even though they rescue Mona from a corrupt nursing home - and Annabelle is becoming frustrated with his attitude. Will theirs, the last surviving marriage of all the original residents of the Close, be the next one to run into difficulties?

The dates:

It is winter in episode 543, in which Jonathan plans to go on holiday at the end of March - which he does in episodes 563 to 566. It is mentioned in episode 546 that Bobby will be appearing in court in "early February", and he does in episode 551. In episode 559, Sheila recalls that it was Armistice Day, when there was a bomb in Enniskillen, about a week before Damon died. It is Sunday in episode 553, 1988 in episodes 558 and 562, and 22nd March 1988 in episode 564. In episode 570 it is Sunday again, and a year ago that Bobby and Sheila were in Rome. In episode 573 Bobby receives a letter dated 23rd April 1988 from the Catholic Marriage Advisory Council, and in episode 583 the date of Betty's protest is the next Monday, 6th June. This protest is seen taking place in episode 585.


Slim Hartman, Buddy Holly, Jim Reeves (539); Andy Stewart (539); Queen Elizabeth (542, 564); Torvill and Dean (543); "Blue Peter" (543, 559); Joan of Arc (544); Vera Lynn (545); "The Krypton Factor" (545); D. H. Lawrence (547, 548 ); Jackie Collins (547); Madonna (548 ); Stanley Matthews, Niko Plassen, Bruce Grobbelaar, Mirandina (549); Freud (550); Bambi (553);Macbeth (554); Paul Newman (556); "Doctor Who" (556); "Scrooge" (557); Duncan Goodhew, swimmer (558 ); Martin Bell, skier (561); Phillip Marr (568); Groucho Marx (568 ); Paul Daniels (568 ); Lord Lichfield (569); Rambo (570); [Norman] Tebbit (571); Robin Hood (572); King Canute (572); Marjorie Proops (573,577); Brady and Hindley (575); Mother Teresa (577); D'Artagnan (580), Richard Burton, Clint Eastwood, Robert Taylor, Richard Todd, Robert Mitchum, James Mason, Alec Guinness, Barry Norman, "Colonel Bogey" (584); Michael Douglas (586); and Meryl Streep (586).


Most of the action in this season is set in Liverpool. However, Jonathan, Terry, Cheryl and Donna are seen in Austria in episodes 563 to 566; Rod and Jamie are seen in London in episodes 567 and 568; Frank and Ann are seen in London in episode 569, Frank is seen interviewed by a detective in London in episode 570 (but only in interior scenes, probably not recorded in London); and Brian and Annabelle are seen in Shrewsbury in episodes 584 to 586.


None. Sammy is 14 (539, 550), Mona has regained some of the years recently lost to be "nearly 80" (562), Claire is 3 this week (542), and Gordon was born at 4.30 am (544). Sheila was one year older than Debbie is now when Barry was born (556), and Debbie, now 17 (557), is said to have lost the baby she was expecting (559). Tracy is 17 (564, 565, 567) and nearly 18 (568 ); Barry is 28 in episode 566, in which it is Bobby's 51st birthday. He is clearly only slightly older than Annabelle, as it is her 51st birthday in episode 577, which was yesterday in episode 578 and last week in episode 582. Claire is still 3 in episode 574, Barry is still 28 in episode 582, in which it is Rod's birthday, and Kevin's birthday next week.


None. Harry says he was married for 40 years (555); it is Billy's 22nd wedding anniversary (570); and Bobby and Sheila have been married nearly 30 years (574).


Three. Nothing more can be done for Laura Gordon-Davies (nee Wright) following her fall, and her life-support machine is turned off in episode 541; Councillor Alec Redfearn passes away of old age, or possibly boredom, while Harry makes a speech in episode 558; and Sizzler reveals to Barry in episode 586 that he has had Ursula killed. Also mentioned, no longer alive, are the following: Frank's father (540), who died when Frank was younger than Sammy is now (548 ); Mr Thomas's dog, which was run over by a train (542); Bobby's mother (546); Franky, Billy and Jimmy's brother, and their late father (553); the entertainment and concert secretary, W.C. Miller (554, 555, 558 ), who died today (554) / last week (558 ); the conjuror's rabbit (561); Reggie, Betty's late husband, who died almost a year ago (562); Cheryl's brother, who drowned (565); and Paul's father, who died some time ago and for whom Annabelle had made the funeral arrangements (582). Jimmy describes his father-in-law, Jackie's father, as a "miserable auld get" who is loaded but ill (568 ) - he takes a turn for the worse in episode 570, and dies in episode 571.

Toilet visits:

Frank - specifically for a "sit down job" (539); Harry (544); Gordon, with help (once in 553, twice in 554 and once in 555); Jamie (559); Kathy (560); Arthur (564); and Jeff (573). Jimmy nearly goes in episode 563, but has to answer the telephone instead.

Characters mentioned, so far unseen, but who will be appearing later:

Jimmy's wife (Auntie) Jackie, who has thrown him out, but to whom he returns (552, 554, 570, 571); Mrs Molly Harrison, who refused her pudding and was taken away from Rosemount (562, 563, 580); Little Jimmy, Jimmy's son (571); Sean, Kathy's 19 year old son (575, 576); Teddy (582, 583); and former "Miss New Brighton" Penny Riozzi (586).

Gone but not forgotten - seen previously and still mentioned occasionally, but not reappearing in this season:

Kate (539, 540); Eileen (539); Damon (540, 545, 547, 548, 550, 551, 552, 553, 555, 557, 559, 560, 566, 571, 572, 574, 575, 576, 578, 579, 581); Karen (540, 548, 560); Sonia (543); Joanne (543); Madge (543); Brian Palmer (544); Edna (544, 579, 580); Michelle (547); Pat "the Plonker" (547, 548 ); Father Gibbons (547); Margaret (548, 566, 583); Celia (551); Debbie (551, 552, 553, 556, 557, 559, 560, 572, 578); Lucy (553, 577, 578, 584, 586); Doreen (555, 557, 561, 563, 564, 566, 567, 568, 570, 577); Kirsty Brown (557, 558, 564, 565, 566); Shelley (563, 567, 568, 579, 580, 583); Peter [Montague] (570); Teresa (572); Vicki (574); The Pope (575); Marie Jackson (577); Chris's mum (577); Russell Grant (578); Kevin (582); and Tony (583).

And those that are also mentioned, but are destined to remain unseen forever:

Sammy's auntie Pat (539); Marcia Queen, a younger babysitter than Sammy (539); Adams, a contact of Billy (540); Danny, a mate of Rod's in the police (540); Mr Parry, Games teacher (541); Jack, at Bobby's office (542); Enzio, Annabelle's hairdresser (543); Brian Palmer's wife Moira and son Robert, who used to play tennis with Gordon and now earns £50-60k pa working in venture capital in London (544); Teresa Jane Slezenberger, Katie's pen-pal (545); Tony Cameron, Chris's mate, a tour operator from Bidston Travel who lives in Wallasey (545); Nigel Roberts and his twin sister Elaine (546); Mr Samuels, Chrissy's boss (547); Megan, Katie's friend (547); Miss Thomson, her P.E. teacher (547); Neville, football owner (549); Tina Palmer, Sammy's friend (549); the/Old Dubois (551, 553); Kerry's mother, babysitter (551); Mrs Williams' two teenagers (552); "Smithy", a teacher who looks like a bag of onions (552); Dave, Kathy's husband (555); McGrath's sister in Cheshire (556); Derek, careless mate of Chris (556); Eileen, who Jimmy gave Billy a bed for more than 20 years ago when their parents were in the Isle of Man (556); Jamie's female cousin Jas (557); Sandra Underwood, Tracy's friend (560); Madame Zora, clairvoyant (561); 94-year-old Billy Barraclough (561); Peter Harrison, Molly's son (563, 580); Donna's father, in the taxi business (564); Rudi Stermer from Linz (564); Dean, who Kathy used to go out with, and who married into money (566); Tom, Donna's friend in Vancouver (566); Vinny in London (567); Frankie Malloy, contact of the Corkhills' (567); Mr Ken Wilson, Terry's taxi contact (568 ); Tina the office photocopier, Darryl's girlfriend (568 ); Tommy, a contact of Bobby (568 ); Ann's sister and nephew (569); Lisa, Paula's daughter (572); Georgina, a friend of Claire (574); Danny, Sinbad's mate (574); Jackie's mum (577); Chris's (female) friend Jackie, who lives in Huskisson Street (578); Chris's dad (578); bad employees O'Grady, his five grandmothers, and Metcalfe (579); Lisa, an interviewee (580); Vince Davis, who used to go to the theatre with Mona (581); Robin's son, who became an actor instead of a lawyer (581); Mrs Brown, Kirsty's mother (582, 584); Colonel Hawthorne, Jack and Phil, other possible speakers (584); Brian's two children - son Michael (584) and daughter Jane, career-minded and doing maths at university (584, 586); and Elsie, his former wife (585); Michelle, workmate of Chris (585); General Wingate, Paul's commander (585); Gascoigne, a waffling speaker (585); and Paula and Pamela, Sizzler's daughters (586);


At one point in episode 543, Paul pronounces "Sonia" as if it rhymes with "begonia".

[With the benefit of hindsight, it is perhaps unfortunate that Sheila tells Barry in episode 557 "You're Bobby Grant's son all right".]

At one point in episode 580, Sizzler says "No splits" WITHOUT stuttering!! Also in this episode, it seems strange that, when speaking about her brother, Betty calls him "Arthur Parkinson" rather than just "Arthur".


Paul reads the "Radio Times" (556). The note left for him reads "Harrison - 14A Temile Gardens" (563). Annabelle, who shops at Sainsbury's (551), is right-handed (547). Her telephone number is 259 9921 (562). Brian's business number is 259 9180 (549). After being married to Elsie for almost 19 years, he separated from her three years ago, they have since divorced, and she has remarried (585).

According to Tracy, Rod now earns £10,000 pa (540). He reads the "Daily Mirror" (554). Billy and Jimmy did a bunk when they were 15 and 16 (568 ). Jimmy has been seeing Kathy, who has brothers, and no sisters (571), for five years (555); but he goes back to Jackie when her late father leaves her a house worth £30,000 (575). Jamie has CSEs in English and Geography (553).

The subscription to the Commonwealth and Empire Club is £6.00 pa (542). After Ralph is disqualified, Harry receives 19 votes, Cyril John Clayton receives one (his own!), there are four abstentions and three spoiled papers (557). Sheila met Bobby when she was 15 and got a job in a shop. He was then 18 and working (572). He buys her a book at W.H. Smiths (557). He is right-handed (560), and was at Barry's birth [albeit not at the conception!] (582). Matty [who was!] has known him for 30 years (546). Damon was 20 when he died (578).

Jonathan is working on the Bradshaw takeover (579) and needs to prove he redrafted a paragraph for the Rowley & Watkins contract (581, 582). His phone number when working in London is 01-388-1039 (548 ). He visited Salzburg with Laura a couple of years ago (563). It will be another two and a half years until he has bought into the partnership (581). Terry was done for speeding when he was 20 (545).

Chrissy works at Samuels Estate Agents (548). Three years ago, Frank had no job and was a house-husband (545). He later spent a year down south seperated from his family (573). He is scared of heights (550). Katie once fell in a canal (547). Her pen-pal Teresa-Jane lives at 412 East 53rd Street, New York 10092, NY, and her telephone number is (0101) 212-644-3210 (545). The Rogers' phone number is now 259 9643 (545). Mrs Pierce is right handed (552).

The end-of-season cliffhanger:

Paul rings the hotel in which Annabelle is staying while attending a magistrates' conference in Shrewsbury, and asks to be put through to her room. The telephone in room 17 is seen ringing, but there is no answer, because Annabelle is not there - she has joined Brian in room 15.......

Season Fifteen.......