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Story contributed by Becci

Tim and EmilyTim goes to prison and while in there Emily realises she is pregnant with Tim's baby. When she visits Tim she tells him about the baby and he is shocked. Nine months later when Tim is released from prison he discovers Emily is due to give birth any day.


A few days later Emily goes into labour Tim's there and helps her. For about a month they are both in happy looking after the baby together. Tim really really loves the baby. But then Emily puts a spanner in the works and announces that it might not be Tim's baby, it might be that Karls model agent bloke.

Tim gets really wound up and goes round to see Karl. They fight and then they all agree to have one of them blood tests to see who the father is. The tests prove that Karl is the father but Karl doesn't want to know and runs away leaving Tim to have to help Emily even though it isn't his baby.


Story ( and pictures ) contributed by Ian Clark

Barry Grant returns to the Close, of course we know he will kick everyone into touch. Dave, acting hard, is soon on the run from him. Leanne, thinking Barry is as soft as Dave and blackmailing him, is next to go. However, Dave took lots of money from Bev's Bar, without her realising and her ridiculous spending on clothes, she is soon down to very little. She attempts to seduce Barry in the hope that he will help her, but he soon knows her game and tells her he will buy half the bar for half what it's worth (providing Bev with a small cash injection) then he soon has his feet under the table.

Barry meets his new partner CallumA few weeks later, Bev reveals she has sold the other half and Barry will be meeting his new partner later that day. After hours of twiddling his thumbs, his new partner comes to meet him... Wait for it... Wait for it... Yes, you guessed it... Callum Finnegan. After hours of discussion about the bar, they decide to put the past behind them and make it work. Lindsey walks into the bar and almost drops dead when she sees who's stood there and with no Dave or Shelley to help her, she panics but Barry tells Callum to forget it and leave her alone, and he does and Callum and Lindsey soon start to get along which gives her a good idea. Lindsey asks Callum to bump Shelley off, at first he asks for cash but Lindsey has none but in the end he tells her he will do it anyway but she must leave the country so it will look like her and Shelley ran off together. He bumps Shelley off and Lindsey leaves with Kylie for a new life in another country. Over the next few months, Callum and Barry get on like a house on fire and start to buy loads of businesses, they soon realise that their company needs more people so they take on Terry Sullivan (who returns), Jacqui Dixon and Max Farnham.

Having taken over the Millennium Club, letting Max run the restaurant and Jacqui run the main club, the pair see a lot of each other and work quite closeley together. They get closer and closer and Max tells Jacqui the truth about Susannah, but to his surprise, Jacqui understands and reveals she had a motive to kill Susannah and soon they are kissing and Max realises he never loved Susannah but Jacqui all along. So she soon gets rid of Gobby Robbie (who goes back to Spain with Clint and Katie) and they move in together along with Harry and Emma. They are soon married and this will be a special video only wedding which sees the appearance of Bing and Patricia.

Throughout all this, Bev has bought herself a flat and has been appointed acting manager of the garage (which was took over by Barry and Callum, Barry suggested Jackie Corkhill take time out to look after Jimmy who making a recovery, what with Lindsey going, Jackie would be on her own with him), she is earning a steady income and has a reasonable standard of living but Callum soon gets to know her and it just isn't enough so they are soon living together and married (a wedding for which Rose and Alistair come back - they faked their deaths because they heard Callum was going to kill them anyhow but it is all sorted now).

And there you go, other goings-on involve Ray sending Kitty away, Katrina and Steve moving away, Mick and Yvonne getting together, Sinbad returning for with his family, a fully recovered Jimmy going into teaching legally, the Murrays having a baby and being happy.

Matt and AdeleAnthony growing out of his religious phase, Adele going through a teenage alcohol phase, Leo becoming a good copper, Jenny returning to hassle Mick, Matt Musgrove and friend (Bosco??) returning and Matt going out with Adele,


Margi and LukeLuke returning and being killed by Margi who returns afterwards. Wow! Wouldn't all that be great?





Story contributed by Rob Herty


Robbie and JacquiAfter months of being together and Jacqui not realising Mike is paralysed due to Robbie, and that he has robbed of her and the Dixons, and sent Clint and katie away for 'protection' Jacqui gets married to Gobbie Robbie, after he 'persuades' her to.

But after the honeymoon he wants her to move to spain as the brothers of the lad he put in hospital are after him, but she doesnt want to, so Robbie gets very very angry and starts throwing things and then hits her, ties her to the bed and locks her in the flat.(I know its sounds like Racheal/Christian)

Jacqui waits for RobbieWhen he comes back she has escaped and he goes looking for her, but he cant find her so he goes back to the flat were the door is slightly open and he thinks its Jacqui coming to collect her stuff, but when he enters their is no sign of her or anybody else. Then the door slams shut and Jacqui is standing their looking all innocent and he turns on the loving husband act and they talk and sort it out but as they go to hug Jacqui stabs Robbie and she leaves him for dead.


When she returns with Rachael later on so they will conviently find the body, it has gone and Jacqui is frantic and soon Robbie starts to stalk her but it turns violent when he kidnaps Harry and a paralysed Mike and asks for 40,000 for their release.

She has to find him because if she tells the police Harry will die, so she gets the help of Callum, and he says he will find him and kill but for 80,000 but she doesnt have that much money, so she goes after him herself but Callum goes out of sympathy and when they find him Callum kills him, but Robbiu has already injected Harry with Aids (which robbie has) and only has 2days to live!! Will he survive??


Story contributed by Cliodhna Byrne

Emily decides to let Karl use her pictures and saves the money! She starts arranging the wedding so that Emily and Tim can get married the night he comes out of prison in secret!

Tim and EmilyEmilys pictures are printed in a local "lads" mag and Tim ends up seeing it from one of the lads in Prison. Tim is really annoyed with Emily when she comes on the next visit but soon forgives her when she explains about her plans for the wedding.


Jacqui persuades Max to stay and he takes up Micks job offer! Nikki discovers about Jerome and Nisha and breaks it off with him. Jerome turns to Nisha for a shoulder to cry on!


BROOKSIDE: The Final Episode
Simon Hoggarth

Channel 4 announcer: …But now on Channel 4, for the last time, Brookside.

<Opening Credits>

Story so far: Imelda has been found living in Edinburgh and has lost all traces of memory. Anthony has confessed he tried to drown Imelda but once she was found he was told it was probably just a dream and gets away with it. The Brown family have moved into Max Farnham’s old house in Brookside Close. Max and Jacqui now live at no. 8 while Ron and Bev live in the bungalow. Ron and Bev have remarried and reopened Dixon’s Trading Store and Sinbad and Mick have returned and live in a flat. Finally, previously Alan Gordon and the Browns have been having a feud.

Previous Cliffhanger: Alan Gordon retrieves a bomb he has hidden in his lock-up and says “I will get revenge once and for all!”

<Opens with Alan Gordon standing at front of Brown’s house>

Alan Gordon: Look, I’m sorry about the feud the other day! Let’s still be friends.
Maureen Brown: Well, I dunno? After all the trouble you caused.
Bob Brown: Oh, Go Ed, Maureen; it was only a little feud. Come on in and have a cup o’ tea.
Alan Gordon: murmurs Excellent!
Alan sits down on couch while Bob and Maureen get cups of tea.
Alan sets bomb and hides it in a drawer. It is set for midnight.

<Cut to Trading Post>

Ron: hands over bag to a woman never seen before. There ya go love.
Bev enters shop
Bev: Hi Ron, you seen the Gordon’s and Brown’s today?
Ron: No why?
Bev: I only wondered because, you’ll never guess what, they’ve forgiven each other about what happened yesterday.
Ron: You what?
Bev: told ya.
Ron: I don’t believe it.
Bev: Now don’t be getting psyched up, mind, or you’ll be having another heart attack.
Ron: eh?

<Cut to Brown’s house>

Bob: I’m so glad we can remain friends
Alan: Eh? What? Oh yeah!
<Craig, the Brown’s son, enters. >
Maureen: Oh, Hiya love.
Craig: Do you mind if I go on the net?
Maureen: No, dinner will be shortly though
<Craig, exits upstairs. The doorbell rings and Max stands there. >
Max: Oh, hi there, sorry to disturb you! I was just wondering if you were coming to charity party tonight on Brookside Parade.
Bob: Which one is that?
Max: The party is to celebrate the opening of Brookside Parade 20 years ago. All proceeds go to Manor Park Hospital.
Bob: Yes, I should think we would be there.

<Cut to Parade. >

<Mick and Sinbad are setting up the food>
Mick: Should be a good laugh tonight, eh Sin?
Sinbad: Yeah. Did you bring the pizzas?
Mick: oh eh Sin I clean forgot about it.
Sinbad: oh, eh, that’s bang out of order. Shall, I grab some from the Trading Post and go and cook them?
Mick: Oh thanks Sin. I’d really appreciate that.

<Cut to Trading Post>

Ron: Yes, of course we’ll be there. We wouldn’t miss it for the world Maxi.
<As Max exits Sinbad enters>
Ron: Oh hi Sin, How you doing? Settling in all right are you?
Sinbad: Yeah, slowly settling in. It doesn’t seem as if I ever left.
Ron: Ah well, some things never change. That’ll be six pounds fifty please.
<Sinbad pays and goes to exit>
Sinbad: See you tonight at the party then.
Ron: Yeah! Will do!
<Sinbad exits>

<Cut to Parade>

Sinbad: Got the pizzas mate.
Mick: Great.
Voice: Afternoon, all.
<Mick and Sinbad spin round and see Jimmy standing there>
Mick: What are you doing here?
Jimmy: Come to see if I can give you a hand.
Sinbad: Well, I think we’ve almost done everything.

<Cut to Bungalow>

Bev: Oh hurry up Ron or we’ll be late.
Ron: I’m coming.
<Ron appears dressed in wacky smart clothes>
Bev: My BLEEP!!! Why on earth are you wearing that?
Ron: Well you’ve gotta dress up smart for an occasion
Bev: But Ronnnnnnn!!!! This is a party! People don’t dress smart for parties.
Ron: Oh all right! I’ll change.

<Cut to Brown’s house>

Maureen: I suppose we’d better get ready and go to the Parade.
Bob: I don’t think I’ll go. I’m feeling a bit rough. I’ll just have a butty and then get some kip.
Maureen: I don’t feel too good either.
Craig: Mum, Dad? Are you coming?
Maureen: We don’t quite feel up to it but you two can.
Craig: Oh eh, Mum!
Maureen: I know! We’ll come another time.
Craig: Ok. Come Ed Brian.

<Cut to Parade>

Max: I can’t believe the big turnout tonight.
Jacqui: I know! We’ve made almost one hundred pounds in half an hour.

<Cut to Brown’s house>

<Bob is in bed in a deep sleep, Maureen has fallen asleep on the sofa and her cigarette falls out her hand and lands on the carpet by a chest of drawers. Some smoke begins to rise from the cigarette and the carpet ignites into flames. The camera zooms in on a digital clock on the VCR, which says 11:59pm. >

Break Slide/ End Of Part One.

Break Slide/ Part Two

<Opens back at Brown’s house>

Smoke rises further and further. VCR Clock turns to midnight. Bomb explodes. Burglar alarm sounds. Windows shatter.

<Cut to Parade>

Mick: Do you hear that Sin?
Sinbad: Oh forget about it! It’s probably just a car alarm or someone accidentally set off the burglar alarm. Nothing to worry about.

<Cut to Close>

Flames from Cigarette and Bomb are now spreading to other houses.

<Cut to Parade>

Bev is talking to Ron
Bev: What are you thinking to this eh? Ron?
Ron: Well, it’s all right! The usual sort of stuff.
Bev: Just think it needs livening up a bit.
Ron: Mind suddenly clicks into Bev logic. Oh No! Bev! I forbid you to do it.
Bev jumps on stage. Snatches microphone from lead singer of pop band.
Bev: All right! Who wants to Conga? Yeeeha!!!
Nobody takes her up on the idea.
Bev: Oh please yourself!
Bev exits stage.

<Cut to Brown’s house>

Flames are all over house; Maureen and Bob are now dead.

<Cut to Close>

Flames are burning down the Brown’s house, flames are slowly moving on to each house.

<Cut to Parade>

Everyone is having a laugh and playing games, while Jacqui and Debbie are beside the tables laid out with food.
Jacqui: Yum! These Chicken wings are delicious! I wonder who brought them.
Debbie: Well, It was me actually.
Jacqui: Oh right! They are really gorgeous! You must be good at cooking!
Suddenly Max enters onto the stage and starts to talk.
Max: I wonder if I could have anyone’s attention?
A low Flame from the close spurts towards the garage.
Max: I wondered if we could all have a little celebration for the Brookside parade’s 20th Anniversary. After 3! 1…. 2….
Just as Max is about to say 3 an explosion occurs from the garage. The flame from the close has woven itself all the way down to the garage and set off some petrol.
All women scream.

Ron: everybody into the shop!
Everybody rushes to fit into Dixon’s Trading Post, now a megastore of food. Once inside, Ron locks the door. As Ron attempts to get to back of the shop, his keys drop out and fall through the letterbox into the street outside.
A spit from the garage ends up on the shops and they burst into flames with glass shooting everywhere.

<Cut to mysterious woman>

Woman walks down parade road leading into the close. She is oblivious to the flames. The woman is also going to look at the houses in the close as she may buy one. Suddenly an explosion is heard. The unknown woman is startled.

<End Credits roll>

Cast In Order of Appearance:

Alan Gordon:
John Burton

Maureen Brown:
Sue Johnson

Bob Brown:
Paul Broughton

Ron Dixon:
Vince Earl

Bev Dixon:
Sarah White

Craig Brown:
Leeon Sawyer
Max Farnham:
Steven Pinder

Mick Johnson:
Louis Emerick

Michael Starke

Jimmy Corkhill:
Dean Sullivan

Jacqui Farnham:
Alexandra Fletcher

Debbie Gordon:
Annette Ekblom

Woman (Jackie Corkhill):
Sue Jenkins

© 2002 Simon Hoggarth
“Brookside” is © Mersey TV 2003


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