To commemmorate 20 Years of Brookside we look at some interesting facts about our favourite soap.

These were obtained from various sources, but with special thanks to our very own Brookie Expert " for his contributions to this page.

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There are MANY performers who have played more than one role in "Brookside" - more than While there are MANY performers who have played more than one role in twenty-one years of "Brookside", there are twenty-four who have made credited appearances in a minor role, before returning later as a resident of the Close or one of their relatives:

1 PETER CHRISTIAN (Frank Rogers) - Frank Blackburn, lorry driver (!!!) in episode 6 and five other episodes.

2 JOHN McARDLE (Billy Corkhill) - Mr P. Todd, economics teacher in episode 6 and three other episodes.

3 GLADYS AMBROSE (Julia Brogan) - Vera Turner, Sheila Grant's bingo companion in episodes 7 and 20.

4 ARTHUR KELLY (Geoff Wright) - Dromgoole, alarm installer, in episode 13 and Wilf, spare parts man, in episode 206.

5 GERRY FOGARTY (Ted Morgan, Katie's grandfather) - Shopkeeper in episode 18, and club doorman in episodes 244 and 248.

6 SHARON POWER (Lyn Rogers, Bev's sister) - Jean, Petra's workmate in episode 20 and two other episodes.

7 EILEEN O'BRIEN (Gladys Charlton) - Pauline Hoskins, dinner party guest in episode 34.

8 JUSTINE KERRIGAN (Tracy Corkhill) - Pat, schoolgirl friend of Damon in episode 133 and four other episodes.

9 ANNETTE EKBLOM (Debbie Gordon) - Celia Thompson, young businesswoman in episode 167 and 20 more episodes.

10 JOHN BURGESS (David Crosbie) - Mr Hume, headmaster of the school which rejected Marie Jackson's twins, in episodes 176 and 178.

11 MARGI CAMPI (Jessie Shadwick/Hilton) - Mother of Sammy (child rescued from drowning by George Jackson) in episode 198; then ten appearances as Betty Hunt, starting with episode 561.

12 ALAN ROTHWELL (Nicholas Black) - Un-named lawyer consulted by Harry and Edna Cross in episode 259.

13 SUSAN TWIST (Rosie Banks) - Jean, betting shop clerk in episode 255 and three others; and "Woman", a worker at James Markham's dubious factory, in episode 774.

14 DON HALL (Nick McLoughlin, Bev's brother) - Ray, the Corkhills' removal van driver (episode 300).

15 AL T. KOSSY (Alec O'Brien) - Gummy George Maudsley, an awkward customer, in episodes 317 and 318; and Bernard, a much less awkward Legion official in episode 1977.

16 CHRISTINE MOORE (Mrs Anne Clemence, Margaret's mother) - Kathleen Monaghan, campaigner in episode 376 and four others.

17 EITHNE BROWNE (Chrissy Rogers) - Lindsey Mulholland, friend of Doreen Corkhill in episode 398.

18 BERNADETTE FOLEY (Margi Shadwick) - Fran Pearson, band member in episode 459 and sixteen more episodes.

19 DANNY McCALL (Owen Daniels) - Darryl Edwards, eager factory worker in episode 568.

20 STEPHEN WALTERS (Geoff Rogers II) - Omo, footballer, in episodes 694 and 696.

21 MARK MORAGHAN (Greg Shadwick) - Carl Trevor, handyman, in episodes 742 and 746; and Colin Lambert, irate husband, in episode 1078 and six others.

22 MATTHEW CROMPTON (Dan Morrissey) - Darren Murphy, teenage gang leader, in episode 1071 and nine others.

23 MICHAEL J. JACKSON (Ollie Simpson) - Alan Jones, client of Anna Wolska, in episode 1260.

24 BEN HULL (Dr Gary Parr) - Nick, pimp, in episode 1503 and two more.

There are some other performers who made uncredited appearances as extras before taking regular roles, such as Michael Starke (Sinbad), first seen standing in a dole queue in episode 9.

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