Here we look back at some of Brookside's most controversial and explosive storylines.




1986 Sheila Grant's rape ......................





1991 Barry Grant pushes Sue and Danny off a scaffold to their deaths





1993 Jimmy, high on drugs kills Frank Rogers in a car accident





1994 Simon Howe forms a cult on the close then blows up No 5





1995 The Jordache storyline reaches it's conclusion




1995 Mick is stalked by Jenny Swift.......





1995 Rosie Banks becomes addicted to gambling





1996 The Nat and Georgia Simpson incest story






1997 Mathew and Emily Farnham are killed in a car crash






1997 Mick and Elaine help put Gladys out of her misery






1997 Rachel and Christian, Rachel realises to late she has married a violent possesive man




1998 The Jacqui Dixon surrogacy storyline




1998 A gas explosion rocks the Parade





1999 Nikki Shadwick rape storyline




1999 The Millennium Club explosion








2000 Sinbad is accused of Child abuse







2000 Jimmy suffers from manic depression





2000 As she argues with Max, Susannah falls down the stairs






2001 The Murray's IVF storyline




2001 Ron shoots Clint Moffat





2002 Anthony kills Imelda Clough